Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of a culture and recreation park in the Bilajari settlement after major overhaul and reconstruction -

Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of a culture and recreation park in the Bilajari settlement after major overhaul and reconstruction

A culture and recreation park has been opened in the Bilajari settlement of the Binagadi district after major overhaul and reconstruction.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan attended the opening ceremony of the Park.

In order to examine the execution of orders related to the landscaping and creative work in the suburban settlements of Baku, President Ilham Aliyev visited the Bilajari settlement in the Binagadi district on 11 April 2011. Residents of the settlement requested the head of state to reconstruct the Park of railway workers, which was one of the largest recreation centers in the settlement at the time.

After reviewing the condition of the park, the President of Azerbaijan gave instructions to create a modern infrastructure and conduct major overhaul of this recreation area for the convenience of local residents. The restoration and reconstruction work carried out by the Mayor’s Office of Baku on the basis of a relevant order of the President Ilham Aliyev has now been completed.

On the instructions of the President, consistent measures have been carried out in the capital in recent years to reconstruct parks and alleys and create new parks meeting international standards for the convenience of residents and visitors. This renovated park meets the highest standards. Its opening is evidence of the systemic measures being taken to establish new parks and green areas, create modern catering facilities, put in place a modern infrastructure meeting contemporary requirements in gardens and alleys and, finally, turn Baku into one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Baku Mayor Hajibala Abutalibov informed President Ilham Aliyev that the overhaul of the park had been carried out in accordance with the President’s order dated 13 April 2011. Work has been completed at a high level and the necessary conditions created for the recreation of city residents and visitors.

The President visited the Culture Center located in the park. It was noted that the building of the Culture Center has been completely rebuilt. The Center is fitted with the necessary equipment for people’s comfort.

During familiarization with the park, the President was informed that this recreation area, covering 4 hectares, has been landscaped with great taste. Various trees and flower bushes have been planted on an area of 20,000 square meters in accordance with local weather and soil conditions. The landscaped area now has an automatic watering system.

The park has the most advanced lighting system, a fountain and a pitch with artificial turf for a variety of sports.

Landscaping and reconstruction work in the park will be continued, as there are plans to build modern catering facilities here.

After reviewing the park, President Ilham Aliyev met with representatives of the local public. He said:

- I am very pleased that we have been able to reconstruct such a beautiful park in Bilajari. I came here two years ago. You know very well that the state of the park was not very good at the time. We decided that there should be a beautiful park here. And I can say that this park is already one of the most beautiful parks in Baku. It is very nice and comfortable.

The Culture Center has also been reconstructed. There are good conditions for recreation. This indicates that Baku is developing fast. All parts of the city, all the settlements are developing. There is creative and landscaping work not only in the center, but also in all the settlements. Baku is a city of parks now. I can say that parks in Baku are at the highest level.

We have created and restored parks, public places and gardens, and they are all beautiful. Our largest park, of course, is the boulevard. The boulevard too, I can say, is one of the largest parks in the world. The process of expansion of the boulevard is under way. In addition, we first of all reconstructed parks in the city center, of course. And now there are such beautiful parks in all other places. Both in the center and in the settlements – there should be such lovely conditions everywhere in Azerbaijan. These are Azerbaijani standards. We are applying Azerbaijani standards. In particular, public places and recreation areas should have excellent conditions.

In general, I am very pleased with the creative work ongoing in the Bilajari settlement. Buildings are renovated and streets extended. Creative work is under way. As is the case elsewhere in our country, work is going very fast in Baku and, of course, in the suburban settlements of the capital.

As you know, programs on the development of Baku have been adopted at different times. Infrastructure projects related to the development of Baku are being implemented. Creative work is under way in the suburban settlements of Baku, and this work should be completed by the end of the year. All the necessary conditions, including those for recreation, are and should be created in every settlement.

I congratulate you on this wonderful event!


Expressing his gratitude to the President of Azerbaijan for the attention and care on behalf of local residents, Yagub Valiyev said:

- Dear Mr. President,

Please allow me to congratulate and welcome you on behalf of 70,000 residents of the Bilajari settlement and more than 250,000 residents of the Binagadi district! On 11 April 2011, you met with representatives of the Bilajari public. You said back then, "Whoever has any suggestions, speak out. I am here to listen to your suggestions." Then I spoke and said: "There is an old park in the Bilajari settlement. But it is just a name. The park is in a very poor state. It needs renovating."

Then you suggested going and having a look at the park. You examined the state of the park and just two days later issued an instruction to repair the recreation park in the Bilajari settlement and allocate funds for the purpose. And now you are here to open the park. Now it is not just a park, it is a great place of recreation. A lot of effort has been put in here. We express our appreciation to you for that.

Azerbaijan is a country that is developing very fast. Thanks to your leadership Azerbaijan is developing at a rapid pace.

The Azerbaijani economy has tripled. This means growth of 300 per cent. We are confident that this pace will be maintained. A country that did not have 10 million in its budget at one time now has a reserve fund, while our foreign exchange reserves are approaching 50 billion. There are no analogues of that all over the world. This is a huge job, a major upheaval. The living standards in the country are improving.

Mr. President, Binagadi is one of the biggest districts of Baku. There is a very rapid development here. Not only this park.

All the streets and alleys around this park have been laid with curbs and asphalt.

The center of the settlement has been fully renovated and the street expanded. All communication lines have been updated. Three underground stations have been commissioned in the district. Inshallah, we will soon open another underground station – the "Bus Station". Our district is also home to the Baku branch of Moscow State University. An office building, a hotel and a playing ground of the "Azeryol" volleyball club have been commissioned. A lot of schools, health centers and kindergartens have been built. All of these are our achievements. All this makes us happy. Therefore, we are very grateful to you.

You are successfully continuing the course of our great leader and founding father of the modern state of Azerbaijan - Heydar Aliyev.


President Ilham Aliyev said:

- Indeed, a lot is being done. Tremendous creative work is carried out in every corner of Baku. I am very glad that a lot has been done in the Binagadi district in recent years. You remembered that day: when I last came here, I visited the park on your proposal, examined it and gave an immediate instruction. Now a beautiful park has been created here. This suggests that we can and should do this not only in Baku but also in every corner of our country. There simply needs to be a will, everyone should love the country. And, of course, professionalism should be at a high level.

Baku is one of the most beautiful cities in the world today. This is highlighted by everyone coming to Baku. Baku, of course, has historical beauty. Baku has its own atmosphere, its architectural features. But like any other city, Baku is also evolving. In Baku, new buildings blend in with those built in the old days. There is no contradiction between them. The beauty of Baku, of course, is in its location. At the same time, we are creating beautiful public spaces, restoring parks, recreation areas and buildings in Baku.

Baku consists not only of the center. People of every district and every settlement of Baku should enjoy good conditions.

They should have wonderful conditions. Therefore, a special program is being implemented in the suburban settlements of Baku. These places should be given special attention. In particular, we are implementing a special action plan on the development of such a large district as Binagadi.

The consistent development of this district, of course, will enable us to resolve all the problems. You have mentioned the work on the underground infrastructure. Communication lines, gas, electricity, water, sewage, etc. – all this work is carried out in parallel. Of course, such beautiful parks are necessary for people’s comfort, rest and recreation. I am very glad that we are gathered for the opening of this beautiful park in the Bilajari settlement today.

The main purpose of my visits to the regions and settlements is to hear from you what needs to be done. If all the problems are resolved in all the settlements, it means that the existing problems in the country will also be resolved.

Of course, we are aware of the problems and are working to resolve them. We have all the opportunities to resolve the problems – the political will, financial resources, excellent and professional staff, and decent citizens. So the main issue is to identify and resolve problems.


A picture was taken at the end of the meeting.

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