"Open door" -

"Open door"

At January 31, 2016 at the headquarters of the National NGO Forum was held the day "Open door" OAF dedicated to the results of the photo contest "We didnt forget, will not forget" in the month of January. In general, the competition applied for 25 photographers, including the terms of the competition were missing 21. 21 photographers submitted 88 photographs on the appropriate topic. A jury of Asim Talib, Fatali Fataliyev and Ramiz Tarverdiev chosed the winners. The authors of the best photos of the month have been named Kerimli Coshgun, Elkhan Ganiev and Mushfig Mirzezade. Suleiman Suleimanli awarded "Consolation prizes" as well. The coordinator of the contest was Elkhan Ganiev.

At the end of the day "Open doors" were presented “Thanks” to persons who helped in organizing the event "Photographer of the Year -2015".

It was announced a new competition for the month of February "Friends in our Lenses: Animal World." 

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