"Rock!" photo exhibition -

"Rock!" photo exhibition

"Rock!" is the joint project of well-known photographers Rustam Huseynov and Tofig Rashidov, dedicated to Azeri rock as a unique music and social phenomenon and influencing upon the forming of the present music and social culture.
Rock is a special music of the spiritual strength and will power with incredible energy. The rock music itself had been existing for many ten years but had generated a numerous number of genres. Among rockers one can find the people of various ages and generations, united by the common interest.
At present in Azerbaijan the fans can submerge free in and feel the aura of the real live rock. The concerts at small stages, small clubs, sometimes in greater venues. Rock always means volcanic, emotional performances. The rock concerts are always noisy and the audience is the cheerful and full of energy. During the show one can see a lot of gestures of acclaim and solidarity with those who are at the stage and in hall.
The exhibition will include the photos from concerts, the most original members of the local rock-society as well as musicians played a great role in rock development in Azerbaijan.
The exhibition opening will take place in Thursday, June 2, at 19:00, Art Villa gallery.
Exhibition will be open three days.
Free entrance.