Tactical-Special Exercises held in Nakhchivan garrison troops - - VIDEO+PHOTO=7

Tactical-Special Exercises held in Nakhchivan garrison troops - VIDEO+PHOTO=7

According to the Combat Coordination Plan of the Nakhchivan garrison troops for 2020, Tactical-Special Exercises were conducted on the subject of "Combat operations in the severe cold".
The exercises that involved the Special Forces of the Combined Arms Army and the rescue units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic were conducted with the aim of improving the skills of military personnel in fulfilling combat missions and surviving in severe cold.
During the Tactical-Special Exercises, the Special Forces Group worked tactical actions in the rear of the imaginary enemy in snow and frosty weather conditions, at day and night time. During practicing tactical actions, sniper pairs camouflaged based on the circumstances in the snowy area completed prearranged tasks.
Military personnel equipped with various mountain equipment, military equipment, and food, provided for snowy and frosty weather conditions with strong gusts of wind and snowstorms, as well as rough terrain, spent the night in shelters created in the training area.
The actions to search and determine the location of the people who fell under snow avalanches and disappeared in snowy terrain in severe cold, as well as to provide first aid and evacuation were also worked out in the Tactical-Special Exercises. During the exercises that also involved experienced rescuers who took international courses in rescue operations, search and rescue and other urgent activities were carried out using a special Biper device and probes intended for use during snow avalanches.
Special Forces and rescue units, who have mastered perfectly the rules for the evacuation of the wounded and practical combat with the skillful use of terrain features during combat operations in the mountains, have achieved the goals. 

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