ALL IN TWO Exhibition +PHOTO=

“ALL IN TWO” Exhibition +PHOTO=

Irisa Blumate
Iveta Vecenane


Opening soon is the exhibition of the two - generation famous Latvian  contemporary textile artists – teacher Irisa Blumate and her former student Iveta Vecenāne. Through an intergenerational dialogue the two artists reflect on the development of tapestry art over the course of history, exploring the diverse approaches and techniques in reaction to their surroundings. It is a journey of discovery, honoring the traditions, skills and knowledge of applied arts. The exhibition consists of retrospective and the diverse works of both artists, creating reflections, feelings about the flow of textile art over time, changes and new solutions. Both artists are from the common school-the Academy of Art of Latvia. The teacher and the student work creatively in their profession all their lives, participating in many international and national exhibitions. The exhibition is organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the Gazelli Art House. Textile art has always formed an essential part of Latvian culture and has always been a particularly popular art field. It has deep and historically determined traditions rooted in the inheritance of folk art values and professional skills. As an Embassy of Latvia, we are very keen to the cultural heritage and hope that the exhibition presented to the public will be the interest of Azerbaijani audience.

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