While Being Different +PHOTO=26

While Being Different +PHOTO=26

While Being Different

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw


The capital-based Qiz Qalasi Gallery (QGallery) is pleased to partner with the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, State Art Academy, and Union of Artists of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic to present While Being Different solo exhibition. The exhibition will feature 38 paintings by young and talented Leyla Azimbayova, the Honored Artist of the Union of Artists of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.


While Being Different is a personal cosmography of Leyla Azimbayova. Her paintings speak to our emotions. The artist is a storyteller usingher paintings to create micro worlds, where something out of ordinary has just happened or is about to happen. This exhibition highlights the love for life as a theme. It is the strongest and noblest of emotions, as it gives our life meaning.


Leyla Azimbayova celebrates the form and traditions. Her art burstswith boundless energy. In her works Leyla calls us for an endless dialogue, leaving room for our imagination. A strong sensation of the flow of time permeates her paintings and portraits, reflecting characters she created and brightly depicted nature scenes.


While Being Different invites us to an exciting picturesque journey through artist’s imagination as made tangible by her dream interpretations.


Essentially, the artist’s sentimental still-lives, portraits and landscapes represent an untethered medium to mirror other ways of existing.


As desired by Leyla Azimbayova, some of her works will be exhibited for sale and the proceeds will be given to YASHAT Charity Foundation.

The exhibition will run up to and including December 25, 2021. 

Agdes Baghirzade

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