Exhibition "World is yours, World is mine" -

Exhibition "World is yours, World is mine"

Contemporary art exhibition "World is yours, World is mine" will be open at Kichik QalArt Gallery . This exhibition is an attempt to move such a free art in the framework of an exhibition hall. Transform the scenes that were open even for the eyes of a homeless into an object of contemplation of sophisticated audience, an attempt to write the dirty genuine art on the walls of a clean gallery? What differs us from the other similar attempts is that artists were given no exact theme, we have just turned the walls of streets, toilets and back yards inside the gallery, we have tried to show the audience the most negligee, completing all the composition with the the most modern form of verbal creativity - SMS. Text messaging is not a message of love, not poetry in albums and songs of the minstrels! Not at all! The art of the 21st century is the blatant correspondence - sexual revolution has flooded the love romance. Today the world is rushing with no brakes and there is just no time for the romance. The contrast of the dirty sincerity with the purity of the gallery space is an experiment itself, an attempt to harmonize the creative freedom that emerged from the first rock artists with the “right”, aesthetic part of any exhibition.

Exhibition curator- Faig Ahmed, Artist
Participating artists: Farkhad Farzaliyev, Lala Qasim, Yunis Krylov, Emil Madznunov

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