15th Anniversary Azerbaijan International
Telecommunications & Information Technologies
Exhibition & Conference
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Press release
On 4th November, ICT Week starts in the capital of Azerbaijan. The main event will be BakuTel, the 15th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Telecommunications & Information Technologies Exhibition & Conference. Over the 15 years, BakuTel has welcomed over 800 companies from 26 countries, and become a unique forum for information and communication technologies. Each year, the exhibition facilitates the introduction of the latest technology and equipment to the ICT market, and provides a platform for establishing contacts and creating new enterprises.
There are many examples of successful participation in the BakuTel exhibition. Companies such as Ness Technologies, Softline, Gilat, Hawker, Huawei, Karel, Telesis, and many others began their activities in Azerbaijan by establishing contacts at the exhibition. Today, they are conducting activities through representatives or partner networks. Presentations at the exhibition of the latest services or products, which have found wide use amongst users, have proven to be successful. For example, in 2007, KUR presented a new mobile laboratory, on the basis of the Gazel car, for computer equipment repair. In the same year, CATEL came to the exhibition with a new brand, Fonex, which provides mobile services in the CDMA sector. The "intelligent ATMs" of Penki Kontinentai Group enjoyed great success amongst business visitors. Having signed lucrative contracts at the exhibition, the company announced its decision to open an office in Baku. For the first time in Azerbaijan, at BakuTel, mobile operators demonstrated 3G technology, which will soon be available in Azerbaijan. In 2008 Microsoft demonstrated its Azerbaijan language version of Windows XP. Today, many companies in Azerbaijan use the exhibition to further develop their business. This is a sure sign that BakuTel is the principle arena for demonstrating the latest ICT products and services.
The important status and authority of the event is underlined by the fact that for the past four years BakuTel has been supported by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.
Since its beginnings, BakuTel has been supported by the International Telecommunication Union; the UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID); the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (RCC); the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan; and the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs’ (Employers’) Organisations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASK). The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which has supported BakuTel for many years, has played a special role in the development and continued success of the exhibition.The exhibition is organised by Iteca Caspian and ITE Group Plc (UK), with assistance from partners of ITE Group including EUF (Turkey) and ITE Gulf (Dubai). BakuTel has gained international recognition from the UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry). The status of "UFI Approved Event" is confirmation that the event meets the highest international standards.
The general sponsor of BakuTel 2009 is Azercell Telecom, which is also the communication partner of all the exhibitions organised by Iteca Caspian in Azerbaijan in 2009. The BakuTel 2009 sponsors include also the permanent exhibitor Nokia Siemens Networks. MBASK, Caspian Travel, SIAR, KREA and Grand Hotel Europe are partners of the exhibition.
112 companies from 16 countries will take part in BakuTel 2009. Local companies account for 55% of all exhibitors and new exhibitors make up 40%. The permanent exhibitors include the Azerbaijani mobile operators Azercell Telecom, Azerfon, and Bakcell; and the telecommunications and IT companies Aztelecom, BTRIB, Delta Telecom, Iskratel, Microsoft, Ultra, Nokia Siemens Networks, Caspel, Bestcomp Group, R.I.S.K., Sinam, Smart Systems Technology and others. New organization and companies include Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) (Azerbaijan), ZTE Corporation (China), Caspian Navtel (Azerbaijan), Idrak Technology Transfer (Azerbaijan), IT Solutions (Azerbaijan), Headtechnology (Azerbaijan), Azedunet (Azerbaijan), Connect (Azerbaijan), Azlanit (UK-Azerbaijan), Silverkey Azerbaijan (USA), Pirelli Broadband Solution (Italy) and OzKabel (Uzbekistan). Traditionally, a group of Korean companies takes part in the exhibition, as well as five IT companies from Turkey, including the major telecoms operator Turk Telekomunikasyon A.S.
In general, the exhibition will present: telecommunications and networks, broadband technologies, cable and wireless communications, satellite communications and technologies, broadcasting equipment and technologies, software and automation systems, IT and office technology, security systems, banking technologies and services, e-Business and e-government. Wi-Fi and other wireless internet access technology will be widely exhibited.
One of the main features of this year’s exhibition will be the large number of presentations of new ICT products and services. 35% of exhibitors will present new products. One of the socially significant exhibits at BakuTel will be the "National Computer" project. The project, which is being jointly implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, HP and Microsoft, is the first step in the mass computerisation of the country.
The exhibition will include other social projects, such as "Electronic Signature" and "Electronic Document". For the first time at the exhibition, the following products will be presented: the new LTE (4G) network; the LanDocs Electronic Document Management System; the industry solutions MS Dynamics CRM, AX and NAV; the latest navigational aids; new telephony solutions; the latest routers and business interfaces; and innovative products for network connection for both corporate and private subscribers. Another new area of the exhibition will be online payment systems, which will promote the development of electronic commerce in Azerbaijan.
On 4 November 2008, a decree was issued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to establish a national aerospace industry and to launch telecommunication satellites into orbit. As a result of this, a new era for the exhibition has begun, with huge attention being devoted to this area, and a greater display of satellite communications and technologies. For example, at this year’s exhibition, an approved national satellite project, the launch of which is planned for December 2011, will be presented. The presentation will be given by Orbital, which won the competition to build the satellite. In connection with this event, several major companies offering satellite equipment and servicing, such as Measat (Malaysia), will take part in BakuTel.
Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see high-tech solutions and new technologies which will soon be available in the market. The introduction of modern communication technologies will contribute to the effective implementation of priority national projects, and improve the quality and accessibility of social services for people throughout the country.
Traditionally, the exhibition includes seminars, roundtables and online forums. There will also be a play zone in which people will be able to play computer games.
Within the frame of the exhibition BakuTel to be held on the 4th of November at 12.15 on a stand of "National Computer" the press-conference devoted to the results of the same name project and future work planning will take place.
An ICT conference will be held on the second day of the exhibition, 5 November. The conference participants will discuss current issues in the local ICT sector, including mobile and fixed communications, and the introduction of the latest technologies. The participants will be able to see new solutions for optimising business processes. There will also be talks by specialists from leading international and Azerbaijani telecommunications companies, who will introduce delegates to the latest achievements in software and IT. The conference will include a session on the prospects for the use of nanomaterials in medicine and electronics. Scientists and professors from world famous Japanese and Turkish universities, and Azerbaijani scientists, will share about their works and researches in this area.
In connection with the 15th anniversary of the exhibition, the organisers have planned a programme of extra events, including "Childhood Technologies", a charity event to build a children’s playground in Baku Central Botanical Garden. The event is timed to coincide with the anniversary of BakuTel, the 15th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications & Information Technologies Exhibition & Conference, and the Year of the Child in Azerbaijan. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the companies which took part in the event were Azercell Telecom, Azerfon, Azlanit, Bakcell, BTRIB, Business Time, Caspian Navtel, Headtechnology, Idrak Technology Transfer, Kotra, Krea, Nokia-Siemens Networks, Rabita Dunyasi, SilverKey, TeleRadio. The participants assembled swings and other items from previously prepared parts, installed them in the area allocated for the playground, and then painted them. By taking part in this event, they have brought joy to all the city’s children.
In recent years, the rapid development of the ICT sector in Azerbaijan has had an appreciable effect on the development of the economy in general and, in turn, a significant influence on the formation of an information society in Azerbaijan. Today, the ICT sector, in terms of the pace of its development, is second only to the energy sector in the national economy. In the last few years, the annual revenue growth of this sector has reached 30-35%. This trend is expected to continue, which means that, in a few years, the profit level of the ICT sector will reach that of the energy sector, and in 2018-2020 the revenue of the ICT sector is predicted to increase. In the context of globalisation, the integration of Azerbaijan into the world community, by hosting international IT exhibitions, is necessary. Such events allow the international community to become better acquainted with the private companies and government organisations that represent the country’s IT market. The exhibition is one of the key indicators of industry development. The growth of the exhibition directly reflects the pace of ICT development in the country. Each specialised exhibition is a meeting place for the whole industry and a catalyst for making contacts and furthering cooperation. BakuTel presents new ideas and knowledge, both for industry professionals and the younger generation. The exhibition will be held in the Heydar Aliyev Sport and Exhibition Complex and ends on 7 November.

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