Leyla Aliyeva’s divan The world melts away like a dream... is printed in Farsi in Tehran

Leyla Aliyeva’s divan “The world melts away like a dream...” is printed in Farsi in Tehran

The divan “The world melts away like a dream...” (a collection of selected poems) by Leyla Aliyeva, a poetess, the Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, was printed in Farsi in the city of Tehran.


The book has been printed in a delicate design at “Nevis” Printing-house of Tehran’s famous “Mobini-Andisheh” Broadcasting-house in the framework of the projects that have been implemented for a few years under the slogan “Promoting Azerbaijani literature in the world” by “Kaspi” Newspaper and “Kaspi” Education Company. Following the initiative of author-columnist Sona Valiyeva, who is the head of the project “Let’s promote Azerbaijani literature in the world” , such works by great Azerbaijani poet and playwright Hussein Javid as “The Prophet”, “Timur the Lame”, “Sheikh Sanan” and “Maral”, the collection “From Javid’s Treasury” were translated and presented to Turkish and Iranian readers, along with the best examples of creativity by contemporary poets and writers being made available to readers in a number of foreign and post-Soviet republics.


Translated into Farsi, the delicate print of the divan “The world melts away like a dream...” is another successful step taken in the framework of the said project. Embodying Leyla Aliyeva’s wide worldview, miraculous richness of her inner world, rare poetic creativity style, unquenchable sense of justice rooted in her heart, the poems were translated into Farsi by renowned translator-poet Akbar Alyar Hamidi and well-known poetess, author and columnist Susan Navadeh Razi in a professional fashion, and included in the collection.


Distinguished in the literary environment of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their styles, Akbar Alyar Hamidi and Susan Navadeh Razi have been enjoying great influence not only as a translator, but also as a poet/ poetess, and critic.


In a foreword written for the Farsi version of the divan “The world melts away like a dream...”, translator Akbar Alyar Hamidi said: “I can with great pride say that the poetess, who is known for her wide public and political activity, relation to an elite family, astonishes readers, reminding them Khan’s daughter Khurshudbanu Natavan, by her rich philosophical views, rare creative world and poetic realm... We have endless hope this book will arouse great interest in readers.”


Leyla khanum is especially distinguished in our contemporary literature for her rich worldview, innate talent of creativity, rare poetic style, and the ability to embody the association between natural events and human senses. Without a doubt, the collection “The world melts away like a dream...” will win its own worthy place among the works written in Farsi, with their great place in the world literature, and a number of the poems included in the collection would be attractive to composers and singers of the neighbouring country, as well as Farsi-language poetry-lovers.


The head of the publication and the author of the poetic foreword is special correspondent of AZERTAC for Turkey, doctor of philosophy for political sciences, author-columnist Sabir Shahtakhty.


Farsi-language readers who would like to become acquainted with the divan “The world melts away like a dream...” may get the book at the majority of big libraries of Azerbaijan and Iran, as well as at sales points.


The initiators of the publication are planning to get the book published in the Azerbaijani language with the Arab scripts in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

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