Gender Hub Azerbaijan held an event related to "July 11 International Population Day". - - PHOTO=13

Gender Hub Azerbaijan held an event related to "July 11 International Population Day". - PHOTO=13

The gender ratio of the population that changes every year in the world and in our country is evidence of low role of women in society, discrimination against women and their exclusion. Even sometimes we see people who consider the birth of girls as a tragedy.
We dedicated our first event to the “International Population Day” in order not to remain silent on all this, to increase the role of women in society, to prevent abortion, to promote gender equality and to discuss opportunities that can be created in these topics in Azerbaijan.
The event was moderated by Youth Affairs Expert, Maryam Majidova and presented by UNFPA Secretary for Projects Naila Jafarova and Y-PEER Azerbaijan's National Coordinator Saadat Abdullazade. The topic of event was “Selective abortions in Azerbaijan: challenges we face and solutions and protection of rights of women and girls during the COVID-19 pandemic ".
More than 100 persons, including gender activists, feminists and women's rights defenders joined the meeting.
During the meeting, on the basis of the presentations of the speakers, statistical information, current problems and opportunities for their solutions on the topic in Azerbaijan were discussed.
As well as the speakers, the participants of the meeting also expressed their views and shared their suggestions.
At the same time, we would like to note that Gender Hub Azerbaijan has launched an online campaign #EachIndividualisValuable to promote the value of girls in our society. 

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