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A large number of trophies was seized from the enemy - VIDEO


A large number of the enemy’s weapons, military equipment, and vehicles was seized as a trophy in the Jabrayil direction.

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The Military Command of Azerbaijan addressed the peaceful population living in the occupied territories

Addressing the Armenian citizens of our country living in human settlements in the combat zone, the military command of Azerbaijan declares that the Azerbaijan Army does not target civilian people, as well as civilian facilities and infrastructure.

The targets of the Azerbaijan Army are firing positions, military facilities, and military infrastructure in the occupied territories. In this regard, we call on the civilian population living in these areas to stay away from the combat zone.

We declare that we will create the appropriate conditions for them not to suffer from the heavy fighting and to be evacuated from this area without hindrance. Civilians will be treated in accordance with the requirements of the Geneva Convention and their human rights will be protected.



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The enemy’s armored vehicles, fire support means and supply facilities were destroyed – VIDEO

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AZERTAC highlights videos and photos of damages caused to civilians, infrastructure and historical buildings as a result of Armenia’s shelling of Ganja city
As reported earlier, starting from October 4 at around 10 am, on the instructions of the military-political leadership of Armenia, the occupant Armenian armed forces subjected to heavy artillery fire the densely populated residential areas of Ganja, Azerbaijan's second largest city.
AZERTAC presents photos and video footages taken by regional correspondent Rauf Hajiyev, that highlight the serious damages inflicted upon civilians, infrastructure and historical buildings as a result of Armenia’s shelling of Ganja city.

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Punitive measures are being taken against the enemy

The Azerbaijan Army is taking punitive measures against the enemy who neglects numerous warnings.

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Currently, the enemy is subjecting to fire our villages


Currently, the Armenian armed forces are inflicting rocket strikes on the Terter city and Horadiz city of the Fizuli region from the territory of Khankendi.

The Azerbaijan Army is taking adequate retaliatory measures against the enemy.

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Another warning to the enemy


Over the past two days, the positions of the units of the Azerbaijan Army and our human settlements are being subjected to intensive shelling from a military unit deployed in Ballija, north of Khankendi.

Despite several warnings to the enemy by means of the representatives of international organizations, this is still ongoing.

We once again warn the enemy that we will take adequate measures against the enemy positions in Ballija.

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