UAFA is continuing positive parenting seminars - POTO

UAFA is continuing positive parenting seminars - POTO

“Do you remember that I shared my concerns about my daughter? She used to be silent all the day long and stay without reaction when I tried talking to her. Thanks to advice by the experts during sessions, we succeeded in overcoming this challenge. We had a detailed talk- I listened to her thoughts attentively to find out the reason for her behaviors. I realized that my daughter just needs to see attention and kindness.  Now, I am communicating with her much kindly and wisely. I call her “My beautiful, clever daughter” many times a day. And believe me that the method you advised works wonderful! (smiling). Now we both are very happy!” says Ms. Aytan Mirzayeva, a young mother from Aghdam district, 5 days after completing Positive Parenting Webinars.

Young children experience their world through their relationships with parents and other caregivers. Parents have a great impact on nurturing relationships and environments for all children and families.

However, COVID and the war have created high levels of stress in many families, and parents and children may be struggling to cope with the stress and need some specialist support.

From this point of view, Positive Parenting Seminars are a significant exchange platform for children, parents and child welfare experts.

“My son has night fears and sleeping issues. He can hardly go to bed independently. How can I help him?” – This question was asked by Ms. Chichak Mirzayeva during sessions.

A week later; “The Bedtime Routine topic drew my attention a lot during the seminar. I decided to apply some tips that I learnt. Every night we read a book together or talk to each other before my son goes to bed. The impact is brilliant. Now he is learning to sleep comfortably. Thank you!”

More than 60 parents from Aghdam, Barda and Mingechevir have already benefited from online sessions during December of 2020.  This has been supported by GIZ.

The Positive Parenting Program is fully inclusive, meaning that direct support to parents of children with disabilities is also provided.

“To give happiness to our child with disability, first of all we need to stay positive ourselves” says Ms. Nubar Nizamova, a mother of Elnara Nizamli.

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We are delighted to inform that Positive Parenting Seminars are scheduled to continue during 2021. If you are interested in participating, welcome to register for free by visiting the following link:  

In case of further questions, please contact us at +99412 497 25 19 landline, or send us email to [email protected]

ABOUT UAFA: Established in 1998, United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA) is a non-government organization specializing in Community Based Rehabilitation, Pre-School Education, Early Intervention, Social Work and other community- based services, and initiatives that aim to support family care of children with and without disabilities.

January 11, 2021



United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA)
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