Shamakhi is leading the innovations in cashless Azerbaijan -

Shamakhi is leading the innovations in cashless Azerbaijan

Mastercard and Azer Turk Bank launch new campaign continuing to support Azerbaijan towards the cashless society

Pioneer technology company in payment industry Mastercard, together with Azer Turk Bank, the Information Computing Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan have launched the unique project on cashless payment in public transport in Shamakhi. The “inkart” project is the first joint project in the country that allows the public transportation payments to be made by Mastercard debit and credit cards.

In the framework of the project and the campaign launched, the first trip on Shamakhi public transport (within the city) will be free of charge both on Mondays and Fridays from February 8th through March 31, 2021 if paid by any Mastercard or Maestro card. In other words, when a passenger pays with his Mastercard on public transport for the first time on Monday or Friday, no fare is deducted from the card balance. The campaign does not cover second trip onwards of the same Mastercard on the same day, i.e., the fare will be withdrawn from the passenger’s card balance for the following rides.

All the necessary infrastructure for supporting cashless payments in public transport has been created within the project. A new generation of validators has been installed in Shamakhi public transport to enable cashless payment on buses. Also, vending equipment supporting “inkart” cards has been installed and all necessary measures have been taken to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment. This equipment allows customers to get a new "inkart" card, as well as check, increase the balance of the already purchased cards at any time through the 7/24 service.
At the same time, the website has been made available to users. Customers can get the necessary information about the project, as well as increase the balance of their "inkart" cards on the newly launched online platform.

Customers can also use the mobile application “inkart” and can manage their cards 24/7. The application provides all necessary features for users. So the users can easily add and delete cards in the mobile application, block and unblock cards, increase card limits by card identification, can check the payment history information, can increase the balance and transfer the funds on the balance to other cards, use Russian and English languages, etc.

“Mastercard has been developing solutions for innovative urban traffic and changing transit practices for more than a decade. We keep more than 250 cities in motion with contactless transit solutions. Under the Transit Partnership Program, we work with urban traffic professionals, accelerate solutions that take people to desired destinations in a safe and comfortable way, identify financial initiatives for future transit infrastructure, and set the ground for greater urban digitalization. Thus, the people of Shamakhi can use their contactless credit, debit, and prepaid Mastercard and Maestro cards as well as mobile phones supporting contactless payments for a comfortable bus ride, including twice a week for free,” said Erdem Çakar, Mastercard Country Manager for Azerbaijan.

"As you may know, in August last year, the state-owned Azer Turk Bank, the Information Computing Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the international payment system MasterCard launched the first cashless payment in public transport in Shamakhi, and all necessary infrastructure has been created for this purpose. In order to increase interest in the project and stimulate cashless payments in transport, a special campaign has also been introduced as part of the project. So, starting from February 8, on Mondays and Fridays of the week, the first ride on the public transport in Shamakhi will be free of charge for the holders of any Maestro or Mastercard and "inkart" cards. Detailed information is available on,” said Namid Abdulov, Director of the Payment Cards Department at Azer Turk Bank.

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