Gazelli Art House presents Dialogue Exhibition Project +PHOTO=35

Gazelli Art House presents “Dialogue” Exhibition Project +PHOTO=35

The creative works, made in the genres of painting, praphic art, and sculptures, of twelve famous Aerbaijani artists, as representatives of different generations, are combined by the concept of a fictional dialogue – the Dialogue betwee Artist and Artist, between Father and Son, Past and Present.

In the philosiphical meaning, the “dialogue” may express the format of knowledge and existence, in which human and concrete reality is comprehended. The theory of dialogue emphasize the discourse of awareness the multiple perspectives and points of view, and the creatio of countless possibilities. The principle of dialogue reveals and connects human values, allowing people to share their vision and experience of complex issues and problems. The dialogue refutes the stereotypes, creates confidence, and allows people to be open to perspectives, which are very different from their own ones.

Artists, presented at the exhibiton belong to artistic dynasties, and this, it’s revealed another aspect of the concept of the exhibition.

Such a phenomenon as a artistic dynasty is a factor of historical memory forming a genetic fund of culture, and it is also part of the cultural heritage. The artists’ dynasties distinguish not only the ability to pass the love for creativity from generation to generation and versatile knowledge in their own field through conscious communication but also the possibility of a deeper spiritual pettern of communication on a delicate energy level of creative empathy.

The dialogue betwwen the artists whose works are presented in the exhibition touches on extremely important aspects of human life and the surrounding reality. Thus, Museib Amirov and his son Arif Amirov turn to urban themes in their works, where the city and its inhabitants appear before the viewer with unique compositions, but united by a single component. Together with Nazim Babayev, his father, Heybat Babayev, are united in their dialogue and search for answers to the eternal questions for humanity about the essence of the Universe. With their works, Rasim Babayev, together with his son Elnur Babayev, create a modern epic based on the reinterpretation of ancient national traditions and legends. Butunay Hagverdiyev and his father Udjal Hagverdiyev conduct their dialodue in the visual theme of the landscape, referring to the characteristic views of Absheron and other region of Azerbaijan. In their work Nazim Rahmanov, together with his son Faraj Rahmanov, resorted to the creation of the single artistic image, through which the subject reflected in this work is revealed. The essence of the dialogue between Shain Talishkhan and his father Talat Shikhaliyev is in an understanding of the life paradigm, and in concentration on the inner states and emotional experiences of the creative personality.

The meaning of human existence is largely determined by commnunication with another personality in order to search for truth as a final and perfect result. In this project, the “dialogue” format creates apolyphony, based on the simultaneouse combination and expansion of independent votes of the authors and uncovering on the example of the creative works presented at the exhibition.


Curator: Sabina Shikhlinskaya

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