Teymur and Mahmud devote this exhibition... -

Teymur and Mahmud devote this exhibition...

Members of big creative dynasty of Rustamovs sculptors Teymur and Mahmud devote this exhibition to 80th anniversary of their father, famous sculptor Aslan Rustamov. Aslan Rustamov is known as the author of numerous monumental and decorative-monumental, memorial works and he is also the first Azerbaijani medal-maker. Very often environment forms the person. Creative atmosphere and their father’s and uncles’ works played role in Teymur and Mahmud’s choice of profession. Both sculptors are in constant research and are making use of different techniques and artistic means not afraid of experimenting and improvising.

Teymur Rustamov is exhibiting nine works in this exhibition. In seeking the style he is inclined towards artistic forms that echo modern pulse and breath. With every piece T. Rustamov relies on and refers to certain reaction of viewer’s intellect.

In his works “3D puzzle egg”, “Asymmetric throne”, “Unchildish games” Teymur uses the systematic links of the semantic series; these links allow him to make the inner researches of the symbolic sense, as well as of the spiritual destination of art for the development of his own style. Sculptor’s works create the macrocosm inimitable in its breadth of generalization. “Paris. Spring.” is the presentation of positive and lyric feelings that the author experienced one morning in Paris.

In “Allegory of modern monarchy” sculptor presents figure of “ruler” in a cage and wearing a mask. The piece asks negative “to be free from what” and positive “to be free for the sake of what”. It refers to spiritually lonely, isolated from outside world, lost inner life figure. Sculptor thinks that with long path of development it is possible to transform from “mask” to personality. That is how it is capable to return accumulated positive energy in darkness.
“Asymmetric throne” reflects how one realizes the imperfection and vanity of life in society and impermanence of all. “Unchildish games” is about astonishment of author regarding continuous affection of children both in previous century and nowadays to “war” games. Author mainly exhibits the “obvious” leaving the rest to audience’s discretion.
Movement of images on the screen in “Glitch” composition creates optical illusion for viewer. This enables the viewer to see strange visions resembling 3D.

In the creative work of Mahmud Rustamov, who is sculptor of talent, the virtuosic techniques subordinated to the high-minded, instructive, as well as stylistic unity give his works special perception and poetics. Works of this sculptor from the “Subconscious archeology” series appealing to ancient cult traditions and creeds, archaic, the magic uncertainty and attractiveness of the past are the proof of such judgments. The author with works from this series such as “Sphinx”, “Gryphon”, “Mouse-Man”, “Escape” which have the attribute of reasonable involuntariness to the reproduction of external forms of human being and animal like, synthesizes them and transforms to ideal figures with their “imperfections” and “limits”. With modern wheel synthesized to replace hind claws they transform to symbols of new day that defeated the gloom.
One of forms of self-expression preferred by M. Rustamov is also graphic painting. Series “2013” reflects speed of modern life, life of the person trapped in constant problems, destruction of the past and new world that the painter can see. Artistic series “Associations of children’s theme” surprises with artistic expression, accurate lines, contrast of bright shades and creates unique aura of figures trying to understand the world around them. The series attracts by capacity of artistic perception to rise from usual life elements to deep notions.
Nurturing his noble spirit and profession as legacy in his sons Aslan Rustamov is a happy man. His sons chose their father’s path in life. New original and prominent works created with inherent for youth thirst are the most precious presents for 80th anniversary of father, the artist.

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