Energy of Chaos Solo exhibition +PHOTO=

Energy of Chaos Solo exhibition +PHOTO=

The exhibition of the artist Ramina Saadatkhan "Energy of Chaos" features 50 paintings by the artist, created over the past three years.



Ramina Saadatkhan is an artist who has formed his own universal author's approach by combining different aesthetics and styles in her work such as collage techniques of pop art are combined with the
elements of abstract expressionism. The colors she uses to complement the plot or, conversely, encode the image. This resonates with modernity, myths, and exotic worlds. Relying on biblical images, Saadatkhan in the mode of introspection forms that claim to be some generalization.



The effect of Ramina Saadatkhan's visual orientation differs - not in the literal simplicity of forms, but in the incredible complexity of descriptive structures - from pure abstraction to figurative "naivety". In the work of Ramina Saadatkhan there is a certain connection with ancient Azerbaijani carpets and medieval miniatures, the arrangement of forms, color compositions, and techniques for conveying a wonderful atmosphere.



The exposition will be accompanied by the video art consisting of works by Ramina Saadatkhan to the musical arrangement "Le vent nous portera" by the famous Azerbaijani musician Isfar Sarabsky, directed by Samir Kerimoglu.



Artist Ramina Saadatkhan (b. 1977, in Baku) currently lives and works in Baku. Graduated from the Art School. A. Azimzade (2000), as well as the faculty of the painting at Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts (2005). In addition to painting and graphics, experiments with photography take place in the artist's work. She is a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan (2002) and the Association of Photographers of Azerbaijan (2006). She was awarded the Silver Key from the University of the Middle East (2019, Nicosia, North Cyprus) and the Silver Argus (2012, Baku, Azerbaijan) from the Azerbaijan Photographers Association as part of the Photographer of the Year Award. Since 1996 he has participated in various local and foreign exhibitions and symposiums. To date, her 5 solo exhibitions have been held. In addition to creativity, Ramina Saadatkhan is the author of a number of painting master classes and teaches children.


Venue: Museum of Modern Art

Time: 24.09. – 24.10.2021

Working hours: Tuesday - Sunday, from 11:00 to 20:00.


Ticket price: 5 AZN.

Students: 2 AZN


Address: st. Yusif Safarov, 5

T. +99412 490 84 04

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