YARAT Contemporary Art Space presents new personal exhibition İNSƏN ( HUMAN ) by multidisciplinary artist CHINGIZ AZpress.AZ, Agdes Baghirzade,+PHOTO=14

YARAT Contemporary Art Space presents new personal exhibition “İNSƏN” (“HUMAN”) by multidisciplinary artist CHINGIZ AZpress.AZ, Agdes Baghirzade,+PHOTO=14

İNSƏN is an immersive project by CHINGIZ that shows different aspects  of society through the prism of personal experience. A prototype artist's studio and a live and continuously developing organism, the
project represents an interactive exhibition interrogating the process of work. The main protagonist of the exhibition is the Individual that both lives and changes in tune with the times and their actions.
The artist uses sculptures and installations that serve as indicators of various situations to uncover this idea and show transformations, influences and side effects of the time. The exhibition focuses on the
Individual and their surroundings, feelings, emotions, contrasts, and alternatives, highlighting the Individual's core nature as a principal party to, and the driving force behind, all processes. Autobiographical in nature, the artist develops the principle of personal space in a studio-like way and narrates the reality that surrounds him. The exhibition highlights the versatility of people but at the same time demonstrates that an individual does act the same way in recurring situations, hinting at their distinctive and inconsistent nature...
The show is dedicated to CHINGIZ’s father Tofig Babayev, who has inspired the artist in the most important way. The exhibition is curated by Farah Alakbarli. CHINGIZ (Chingiz Babayev, 1964, Azerbaijan) – Sculptor, painter, designer, theorist, poet, and philosopher. He combines fine art, graphics, sculpture, collage, street art, installation, performance, video art and other media to study the application of different ideas. CHINGIZ's oeuvre is showcased in the Baku Museum of Modern Art, Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum and the Vahid Kooros collection, as well as kept in private and public collections across Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, USA, UK, Austria, Italy, Estonia, France, Poland, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Kyrgyzstan, and Iran. 

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