Britons named most desirable inventions in the next century -

Britons named most desirable inventions in the next century

Company Philips surveyed a thousand people in the UK to find out what the average man expects inventions with the greatest impatience.

The survey revealed that two-thirds of respondents hope for a cure-all pill above all over possible innovations in the next century. One in five people say they would give up their computers, TV or headphones to see more health-related breakthroughs.

Almost two per cent of people would like to see robots doing the housework or a time machine developed in the next century, while a fifth of those surveyed simply want a cure for baldness. If we take into account that these devices are in development for a long time and are already appearing on the streets, this ‘order’ can be called the most easily executable of all.

The study polled people on what they thought were the top inventions of the past century. While the internet and email came first, keyhole surgery and pacemakers are among the top five innovations voted for by the British public, according to Philips’ survey. 33% of respondents called the electric pacemaker most important invention. Top five also includes smartphones and TV.

Observers note that in both cases, the participants chose the inventions and technologies related to health. Such a serious inquiry is due to the general rise in living standards, environmental changes and increased attention that people pay to their health, reports. 

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