Microsoft Band measures performance of vital activity -

Microsoft Band measures performance of vital activity

Microsoft has introduced a wristwatch Microsoft Band, which is equipped with sensors that measure the overall performance of vital activity of the owner, the company said in its official blog.

The Microsoft Band is designed to last 48 hours on a single charge (battery capacity - 200 mAh) and has 10 sensors that can monitor your heart rate, calories burned, as well as measuring the level of stress. In addition, the gadget is capable of tracking the level of sun exposure on the body of the wearer.

Previously, such devices were released by Apple, Samsung and Google that are main competitors of Microsoft. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s product is characterized in that it will work with all major mobile OS, and also has the ability to connect to social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft has also launched a cloud-based health service called Microsoft Health, which can gather data from both the Microsoft Band and other fitness data gathering devices, like smartphones and other fitness bands. Similar cloud platforms - Apple Healthkit, Google Fit and Samsung SAMI are already on the market.

Microsoft is the world’s largest software developer. The company’s portfolio includes the OS family of Windows, programs to work with documents of Microsoft Office, the program Skype, the search engine Bing, as well as gaming console Xbox. The capitalization of the company amounted to $ 384.2 billion whose shares are traded on the stock exchange NASDAQ, TASS reports. 

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