The "Restauration" exhibition -

The "Restauration" exhibition

The "Restauration" exhibition project is the result of the master class of Honored Artist of Azerbaijan and independent curator S.Shihlinskaya on "Curatorial practice. Creation of the exhibition project" topic, initiated by a non-profit organization Yarat - Contemporary Art Space as part of the educational program.
The theater is a complex art form that combines different areas, ranging from literature ending circus. The theater has a long history dating back to ancient times to the present day, it was changed and diversified depending on geography, politics and culture. But perhaps the most unique feature of the theater was the fact, that its development has always been inseparable from the development of society and the state of culture in general - with the peculiarities of social development were linked its heyday and decline, the prevalence in the theater of various artistic trends and its role in the spiritual life of the country.
Museums, in turn, is a storage system that preserve the memory of past events and people. In our project combined these two major social institution: theater and museum- in one common space, where the museum tells about the theater. Museum of Azerbaijani theater, which is more than 75 years, was created by the efforts of people who wanted, in spite of all persecution by fundamentalists, and then Soviet rule, keep all the relics belonging to the National Theatre and thus preserve the memory of the events of those years. As a result, gathered a rich collection of archival photos and documents reflecting the development of theater in Azerbaijan.
Museum after receiving official status, is located in the Museum Center. The "Reanimation" project offers to look on a traditional and everyday museum exposition through thr eyes of young artists, who have created their own art projects on the basis of Museum’s archival materials. "Reanimation" is a totality of works by six artists with a new approach to the archive of the theater in a state of carelessness on the part of modern society, aimed at restoration of the former attention to the theater, as an important part of a developing society.
The project involves six artists - Sabina Mirzayeva, Elshan Ibragimov, Rufat Aliyev, Anar Shamsiyev, Vafa Asadi and Konul Rafiyeva.
The curatorial team: Ulviyya Hasan (author of the idea), Mehbara Abbasova (coordinator), Hatem Aliyev, Zohrab Salamzade, Orxan Qarayev, Elena Jetere, Nurziya Khalilova.
It should be noted that as a result of the course was created the Initiative Curators Association (ICU). "Reanimation" is the second project of the association, whose members are all members passed the course "Curatorial practice. Creation of the exhibition project" held by S. Shikhlinskaya.
The exhibition runs until the 27th of December. Free admission.

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