'Redeeming the Everyday'

'Redeeming the Everyday'

 You are kindly invited to attend an interim show 'Redeeming the Everyday' prepared by the participants of the workshop directed by prominent London based photographers Mervyn Arthur and Rossella Emanuele.

The workshop was aimed at students who are keen to develop an experimental approach to photography and who want to investigate an inter-disciplinary method working with photography, sculpture, installation, drawing, performance and other media.

Our point of departure for this workshop was Marcel Duchamp's notion of 'a new idea for an existing object'.
Working primarily with photography and using material around them participants were asked to consider how the invisible can be revealed in the ordinary, the banal and the everyday. A range of interventions and actions were encouraged: from intervening physically in space to actions that involved considered cropping and editing with the camera, to the final form of display in the studio/gallery space.

Please, come an enjoy!

Address: YARAT Studios, 1061, Academic Hasan Aliyev str., Nasimi District, Chemistry City (green building behind Megastore)

Opening date and time: 16 December 2014,
at 18:30.

Free admission.

 ( Sos.şəbəkədə gedən yazışmanin FOTO-ƏKSİndə olan qramatik və məzmun səhvlərinə görə redaksiya məsuliyyət daşımır ) 
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