Azer Hasret: What happened in Azerbaijan on March 31, 1918?

Azer Hasret: What happened in Azerbaijan on March 31, 1918?

A genocide was committed on the lands of Azerbaijan on March 31, 1918. Armenians, joined with Russians had committed a genocide against Azerbaijani Turkish-Muslim population and even against Jewish minority in the land which did not gain its independence yet.

Armenians had killed, burned down women, children, elderly within 5 days including March 31, 1918 in Baku and other parts of Azerbaijan.

According to documents available, Armenian paramilitaries on March 30 – April 3, 1918 had committed a genocide against Azerbaijani population in the regions of Baku, Shamakhi, Guba, Khachmaz, Lenkeran, Hajigabul, Salyan, Zengezur (now in the territory of Armenia), Karabakh (for now under occupation of Armenia), Nakhchivan and others.

Official documents approve the number of victims like more than 25 thousands. Some other sources say that the number was much more higher.

Kulner of German decent had witnessed that “Armenians have attacked Muslim quarters and killed everybody cutting them off with swords and broaching with bayonets. Several days after the genocide 87 bodies of murdered Turks were discovered from one well. Their ears and noses were cut off. Abdominals torn and some body parts chopped. Armenians did not have mercy on children as well like on elderly people”.

I have the issue which was covered as well in my book “A soldier`s experience” published on December, 2012. My late mother was telling us on 1970s that our grandpa Valad had mobilized a group of young people to help victims of Armenian gang raids in Guba. Armenian paramilitaries were attacking the villages there. My mother used to say, that Armenian bands had killed thousands of villagers even burning down some villages in total. That’s why young people like my grandpa were rushing for help mobilizing other brave people from the neighboring villages.

It was not easy to me to believe my mother. Because I was a Soviet child and the Soviets had propagated that Armenians are our brothers. And we, being the naive children did not want to hear our elders but the Soviets, and fell victims of Soviet propaganda. The other way was impossible. Because in a totalitarian regime, in the “best place of the world”, which was unaware of outside world it was impossible for growing children not to believe the state.

Now my mother has passed away. But her tales are approved by documents and evidences. Yes, those tales, which I didn’t believe in 1970s are the pure truth.

A mass grave was discovered in Guba district of Azerbaijan during construction works in 2007. There were hundreds of human body remains in the site. Most of them were women, children, elderly people. And it was approved that all those people were massacred by Armenians in 1918. That was a real history. Which was told to me by my mother and I didn’t want to believe. While my grandpa went to help victims of the Guba massacre. That was real, but I, a Soviet child didn’t want to believe…

Just with describing the events of Guba massacre in my book I tried to resolve my silliness like not to believe my mother…

The Peoples Republic of Azerbaijan which was founded on May 28, 1918 and fell down under Russian occupation on April 28, 1920 also investigated the genocide, perpetrated by Armenians against Turkish-Muslim and other population of Azerbaijan. And now a lot of trustful documents approving this genocide are available.

From the documents of the Peoples Republic of Azerbaijan`s Extraordinary Investigation Commission:

“Some 8 thousands civilians were murdered in Shamakhi during March-April, 1918. A lot of cultural sites including Shamakhi Mosque were burned down and destroyed.

28 villages of Javanshir sub district and 17 villages of Jebrayil sub districts are totally burned down, population eliminated in full.

On the day of April 29, 1918 about 3 thousands Turkish pilgrims were killed in ambush in the outskirts of Gumru, most of which were women, children and elderly people. No one survived.

Armenian armed gangs destroyed 115 Azerbaijani villages in Zengezur sub district and murdered 3257 men, 2276 women and 2196 children. In total 10,068 Turks were murdered or injured in the given sub district. 50 thousands Turkish population had to flee their homes to escape.

135 thousands Turks were murdered in 199 villages of Erivan (now Yerevan – A.H.) province and all villages destroyed totally. Armenian gangs later moved to Karabakh and destroyed 150 villages in that region. All the population was eliminated in full.”

Yeah, the March 31, 1918 is a day of genocide of Azerbaijanis. The genocide, which was committed by Armenians…  

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