UB40 star reveals his Top 10 favourite music venues -

UB40 star reveals his Top 10 favourite music venues

As part of reggae pop chart-toppers UB40, Ali Campbell has flown all over the world performing for millions of fans at the biggest venues on the planet.The British star, 56, is currently on the road touring once more with bandmates Astro and Mickey Virtue, selling out venues across the globe.
The talented trio recently brought some of their famous reggae flavour to British Airways VIP area at the Taste of Dubai festival by performing an acoustic set for guests singing hits including tracks Red Red Wine and Kingston Town.
While in the Emirate, the talented trio opened up to British Airways in an exclusive quickfire Q&A video special, answering questions on a range of subjects from which artists inspire them and what they like to eat to whether they prefer to watch TV’s X Factor or The Voice.
To watch the full interview with the band please visit: http://youtu.be/SxRplUKW4M4
Additionally, frontman singer songwriter Ali also took time out to speak to the airline to reveal his Top 10 favourite music venues in the entire world.
The Birmingham NIA, England
Coming from Birmingham, the NIA will always hold a special place in our hearts. We’re due to be playing there on April 17 and it’s bound to be another fantastic gig.
The Armadillo, Hawaii, USA
This one is probably my favourite location - she’s a beautiful one. It’s at a venue known as ‘The Armadillo’ which is on the gorgeous island of Maui.
Brixton Academy, London, England
It’s now called The o2 Academy Brixton but it’s always been a wonderful venue. It has a sloped floor so the audience get a great view of the stage right the way back. We actually opened that venue twice with the old UB40 - the first time it opened and then once again after it closed down and came back.
The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
I really like this one - we’ve played that quite a few times. It’s a beautiful open-air venue which is completely surrounded by huge trees of Griffith Park. It’s like you’re playing in the middle of a forest.
The Cradle of Humankind, Johannesburg, South Africa
It was a real honour to be part of Live Earth in 2007 when we headlined at the Cradle of Humankind – an incredible World Heritage Site in South Africa. It’s where they have found more human ancestor fossils than anywhere else. The Live Earth show was a 24-hour gig to raise awareness about global warming where bands played at loads of different gigs across the world to keep the show going. You had acts like Madonna, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Foo Fighters doing various locations. They say 2billion people watched it on TV.
The Sartory-Sale, Cologne, Germany
We’ve always had a strong fan base in Germany and gigs at the Sartory-Sale for Rockpalast. The show in 1981 was rather iconic for us in particular and is often one of those shows fans mention when they recall their favourites.
Red Rocks, Colorado, USA
Talking of unique venues, Red Rocks is also high on the list. It’s another amphitheatre but this one was naturally formed in the actual red rocks of Colorado. You have to drink plenty of water as it’s 6000 or so feet above sea level believe it or not.
Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA
What a venue that is. It’s based in the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan and has this incredible ceiling. It’s another one of those iconic American music spots.
Ahoy Rotterdam, Holland
There was such an amazing atmosphere at the Ahoy when we recorded our DVD HomegrownIn Holland there in 2003. It was one of those special nights when you’re so pleased and relieved it was caught on camera.
The Glasgow Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland
This was always a very different kind of gig for us as the crowd were known for being quite enthusiastic so the organisers would keep a huge gap between us and them. But it was a truly exhilarating show to play. Sadly, the venue isn’t there anymore but Glasgow is still a beautiful city to visit. The place has an extremely rich musical history and last year it was rightly named a UNESCO City of Music so there are always interesting live events happening.

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