YAY Gallery presents the solo exhibition of photo artist Fakhriyya Mammadova -

YAY Gallery presents the solo exhibition of photo artist Fakhriyya Mammadova

YAY Gallery presents the solo exhibition of photo artist Fakhriyya Mammadova, which will be held from 22nd April to 5th June 2015.
Fakhriyya Mammadova holds degrees in ceramics and design; she is a member of the Artists Union and Photographers Association of Azerbaijan. Moreover, she belongs to the association ‘Wings of Time’ that unites modern Azerbaijani artists. A camera has endless possibilities in the hands of this creative designer who, in addition, has the thorough experience of being a restorer with the ability to notice the beauty and meaning of small, seemingly insignificant, things. Precisely these qualities have created limitless opportunities for her professional development.
The Dua*s exhibition is interesting not only for its shooting angles and detailed depictions of daily life, but also for the way the works are presented. Fakhriyya fuses two photographs into transparent cubes so that it creates the feeling of looking from a different dimension (or even a parallel universe).
Every element and every detail of the world around us can become meaningful. The only thing you need is to look at it from different points of view. Sometimes it is so difficult to catch the beauty of the moment in the huge flow of information and accelerated pace of life. Actually, it is simple! In her Dua*s project, Farkhiyya gives us her solution. Time in her works is kept in ‘magic caskets’. Time is multidimensional, manifold, multi-faceted and plays with light and shade depending on the angle of view. Her works make us understand that ‘background’ and ‘object’ are just constructions of our social minds. Just try to approach them from the other side and the ‘moment’ appears in an absolutely different way.
Since 2000, Fakhriyya Mammadova’s works have gained an established position in the modern art galleries of Azerbaijan. Since 2011, Fakhriyya has taken part in several YARAT Contemporary Art Space projects. As part of the Fly to Baku exhibitions she presented Azerbaijan at the 55th Venice Biennale.
At different periods, Fakhriyya Mammadova’s works have been exhibited in several countries, including in Turkey, Georgia, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, the USA, Greece, Russia, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine.
Gallery working hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12:00 – 20.00
Address: 5 Kichik Gala Street, Icheri Sheher, Baku, Azerbaijan 

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