The photo-exhibition Azerbaijan - the country of tolerance by world-renowned photographer Reza Deghati is successfully completed

The photo-exhibition “Azerbaijan - the country of tolerance” by world-renowned photographer Reza Deghati is successfully completed

The photo-exhibition “Azerbaijan - the country of tolerance” by world-renowned photographer Reza Deghati, opened with organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Paris, was successfully completed.

Although the very essence of the photo-exhibition is simple for us, for the Western auditorium it relies on an extremely striking fact: Azerbaijan is a true phenomenon as a space where all religions and nations can coexist.

Representatives of France’s public and political circles, having recognised the fact of Azerbaijan’s being the address of tolerance, have acknowledged that it was a true model in a world where political and ethnic turmoil occurs. Thoughts expressed at a conference on the topic of “Religious tolerance: the culture of coexistence in Azerbaijan” held in Paris too have confirmed this. Representatives of religious and public organizations operating in France enjoying great influence throughout the world, had identical opinions in terms of the tolerant environment in our country being of exemplary nature. Thisissue has also been a focus of attention in the French media.

In the media representation of “Dreams of the Universe” - Reza Deghati’s world project - the famous photographer has again touched upon the subject of tolerance. In this project, he has widely covered the issues of refugees and IDPs that our nation has faced, and showed what challenges intolerance has created. He has declared to the whole world the severe discrimination that a million humans have been subjected, through the language of photos.

Reza Deghati said: In my opinion, it is of utmost importance today to show Azerbaijan’s model of tolerance to the whole world.

In a time when there occur clashes between different religions all over the world, I would like to demonstrate in France and other places of the worldthe tolerant environment dominating in Azerbaijan, and peaceful coexistence of people following different faiths. An exhibition consisting of my works have been shown in USA and Belgium. If possible, I would like to show them all around the world.

I have always been watching the works carried out by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation both in Azerbaijan and other countries. The Foundation has been greatly contributing to the development of culture, propagation of tolerance, preservation of culture, and providing support to children. This is a very significant job in such a complex world we have been living in.

Visiting our country in 1987 for the first time, the author of a number of projects related to Azerbaijan, Reza Deghati recent years has implemented a number of large projects abroad, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. By his projects such as “Crossroads of destinies”, “War and peace”, “Hope” and “Window of the heart”, Reza Deghati tried to create the image of Azerbaijan abroad. The success of this mission is confirmed by the words of French art-lovers.

Chloe Chabaud: I’ve been watching this exhibition for a few days; it has made a great impression on me. I’m glad there is still a place in the world where all peoples can coexist. As a nation, you have achieved the tradition of tolerance; this is a significant issue.

Jeylan Miku: I’m trying to become familiar with your country, and this arouses an interest in me towards your country.

Sophie Chabrier: These photos very much attract me, they are unbelievable. I was surprised there is such a tolerant country in today’s tense world.

Theo Kokugha: Photos displayed in the exposition prove the possibility of coexistence in Azerbaijan. Reza’s photos are also distinguished for their urgency; they call on people to be humanist and live peacefully. Azerbaijanis have reached this target and gained good experience.

The photos reflect the lifestyles and traditions of people related to different nations and religions. Works displayed at the exhibition obviously demonstrate the respect and esteem between religious communities living in Azerbaijan. These photos convey to the attention of visitors both our historical places, the lifestyles existing in different regions of Azerbaijan, and the contemporariness of our country, which enjoys such an ancient history.  

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