Tahire Khasmammadova: The Most Dreadful Mass Terrorist Act in the History of Humankind. Black spot human’s name.-Khojaly tragedy.

Tahire Khasmammadova: The Most Dreadful Mass Terrorist Act in the History of Humankind. Black spot human’s name.-Khojaly tragedy.

Tahire Khasmammadova
English teacher of school no:3 named I. Gayibov Gazakh region.


The Most Dreadful Mass Terrorist Act in the History of Humankind.
Black spot human’s name.-Khojaly tragedy.



“Old enemy will never be friend again,” Dada Gorgud warned us 1300 years ago to defend ourselves and motherland from black dressed gaurs-Armenians.
The last 11th century ruler of Ziyarilar Keykanus witnessed and participated in many battles, the old father wrote to his son as an admonition and testament in his book “Gobusnameh.”
“Armenians, louts, thieves, enviers, always moving, not obeying, the law, making nose, unfair, dishonest, hypocrite, to their ruler. In common they are always from positive to negative.”
The great military leader Temur the Lame said: “I will completely annihilate the Armenians but the further generation would blame me. I didn’t annihilate all of them because I wanted the world to know how worst, scoundrel the Armenians are.”
In the beginning of the 19th century the great French writer Aleixandre Dumas wrote in his book “A visit to The Caucasus,”
“…They always keep their possessesions,their ideas, their feelings and this way they have become tricksters, frauds” “The promise of Azeris is as a signed contract. If they promisesomething, that’s all.”
Unfortunately our nation has to live asneighborswith Armenia—a nation of repeated human rights violators.
They seepoor, hardworking Azerbaijani people and want what they have. Always wanting more and more even after obtaining Garabagh,they began to occupy more territories.
History can tell thatAzerbaijanis have endured and overcome many difficulties. But now the Azeri people are facing more challenges and tragedies due to the blood lust of men. Every man has a right to life, freedom,and nature. Azerbaijan’s God-given natural resources includethe beauty of nature,good climate, and the warmth of the Sun. The foggy mountains, the freedom and the beauty of Azerbaijan are the destroyers of herself.
The history of our people has included stages of rule under hypocritical, dishonest rulers. We have at times mismanaged the blessings that God gave us. When we wanted to choose our friends or enemies we always were exerted pressure.
It was late when we finally awoke. Most of our territories were captured. Most of our countrymen were displaced. And our history was filled with bloody pages. When we turn over these pages, the screams of Khojaly cause our souls, hearts, and minds to ache. Oh, my God, how men can be so rabid, furious, wild?How can they be such deadly enemies?How can they shed the blood of the innocent!?
Azerbaijan people had just witnessed the Armenians’ violence and mercilessness. The tears haven’t dried yet after the death of distinguished men of Azerbaijan in Garakend sky. They have left a deep wound in our hearts. And the fate of Khojalyis similar to Khojavand.
The Armenian government wanted to annex Daghlig Garabagh despite international law, and this action demonstrates the readiness to resort to any kind of crime and barbarism for the sake of its ideology. The Khojaly genocide - the tragedy of the 20th century - was a result of this aggressive and criminal policy. This tragedy was one of the most serious crimes not only against the people of Azerbaijan, but humanity as a whole. The Khojaly genocide is comparable to the genocides in Khatin, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Songmi.On midnight from February 25th to 26th 1992 the military forces of the Republic of Armenia and illegal armed militias of the local Armenians in Daglig Garabagh committed an act of genocide against Azeri people in Khojaly. The armed aggression of the Republic of Armenia against the Azerbaijani Republic pursuant to its policy of violent acquisition of territory and its plans to establish a "Greater Armenia" has resulted in gross and flagrant violations of human rights, which fall within the category of crimes against humanity. Why did Armenians pick Khojaly? On one hand there was the strategic liquidation of Azerbaijani residents who posed a hindrance to the acquisition of the mountainous part of Dagligh-Karabakh. On the other hand there was the razing of Khojaly to the ground, because Khojaly was an inhabited place, which reflected the history and traditions of Azerbaijan since the ancient times.
The city was rubbed off the face of the earth. Fifty-six people were brutally killed. They had been burned alive and beheaded. Their faces were skinned. Even the eyes of infants were gouged out, while the bellies of pregnant women had been sliced upon with bayonets. Forbidden bullets of 5,45 caliber and chemical weapons were used in Khojaly during the attack. All these facts serving as the evidence of genocidethat Armenia committed against civil people, in violationof Geneva Conventionprotocols concerning the rules of war.
On that night, the blackened Khojaly sky, filled with the anguish of our loved ones,stood in stark contrast to thereddened earth.The anxious sprits of Agabeyim, Khurshudbanu Natavan were terrified about that tragedy. Armenian occupation forces together with the 366th infantry regiment of Soviet troops stationed in Khankendi fired on the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly that had been under siege for months; within one night the town was razed to the ground. Some 613 people were killed, including 63 children, 106 women and 70 old men. A total of 1,000 civilians were disabled during the genocide. Eight families were annihilated, 130 children lost one parent and 25 lost both. Additionally, 1,275 innocent residents were taken hostage, while the fate of 150 remains unknown.
Oh my God! On that day all my country wept—even the stones. But stone-hearted murderers were so far removed from humanity. The forests were full of refugees. Some froze to their deaths.Some were killed. Some were eaten by hungry wolves.Their last shelter- the trunks of the trees- were dyed red.
I want to remember one fact. Among the refugees in the forest there was a woman with a 6-monthold baby. The baby was crying. Mother didn’t want the Armenians to know their place.She throttled her baby and hid it,wrapped in her shawl. After they escaped from the enemy she wanted to bury the child. A miracle of God occurred. The baby was alive!
One participant of the Garabagh war, a prominent and distinguished Armenian writer, publicist, and doctor,Zori Balayan, wrote in his book “Revival of Our Soul. We nailed up a thirteen-year- old boy over the window. In order not to make much noise Khachatur cut his mother’s breast and poked it into his mouth…then I skinned this Turkish boy from head to his stomach. I looked at my watch, Seven minutes passed and he died after losing blood.My soul was full of joy. …Then Khachatur cut him into pieces and threw the pieces to the Turkish dogs.”
Another Armenian author Daud Kheyriyan wrote in the book“For the Sake of Cross,” Sometimes we happened to march on dead bodies. In order to cross a swamp near Dashbulag, we have paved a road composed of dead bodies. I refused to march on dead bodies. Then colonel Oganyan ordered me not to be afraid. It is one of our military laws. I have pressed my one foot onto the breast of a wounded girl aged 9 or 10 years and marched… My legs, my photo camera were in blood… the Armenian group ―Gaflan(dealing with burning of dead bodies) have collected 100 dead bodies of Turks and burned them in a place located one kilometer from Khojaly to the West on March 2… I saw a girl aged 10 with wounded hands and head lying in the last truck. Her face was already blue. However, she was still alive despite hunger, cold, and her wounds. She had a little breath. I cannot forget her eyes striving with death… Suddenly a soldier called Tigranyan took that body and thrown it on other dead bodies… Then they have burned dead bodies. It seemed to me that someone was crying in the fire between dead bodies… After all, I could not go further. However, I wanted to see Shusha… I returned. And they continued their battles for the sake of Cross….”
It was such a dreadful genocide that it was impossible to look at the crops.But we have courage journalists such as Chingiz Mustafayev who recorded the bodies after the Khojaly Massacre. The brave sons of Azerbaijan such as Alif Hajiyev, Fakraddin Mussayev, Mashallah Abbasov, and Agil Guliyev will live on in our hearts forever.They flew briefly to the region by helicopter, and brought back dead bodies. They said shooting by Armenians has prevented them from retrieving more bodies.The New York Times, Tuesday, 3 March 1992 MASSACRE ВУ ARMENIANS Aghdam, Azerbaijan, March 2 (Reuters)-Fresh evidence emerged today of а massacre of civilians by Armenian militants in Daghlig Garabagh, а predominantly Armenian enclave of Azerbaijan.
"Sunday Times" newspaper (London), March 1, 1992: "Armenian soldiers annihilated the hundred families.”
"The Khojali genocide with its inconceivable cruelty and inhuman punitive methods, was completely targeted against the people of Azerbaijan and represents a barbarian act in the history of humankind. At the same time, this genocide was a historical crime against humanity,"said the great son of our nation,Heydar Aliyev. The history won’t forget.Тhe Parliament of Azerbaijan declared February 26 as the "Day of Khojaly genocide". Every year at 5 р.m. on February 26 people of Azerbaijan revere the memory of the Khojaly victims by holding one minute of silence.
The crime should not remain without punishment. Armenian military-political aggression must be condemned by the global community. International organizations and parliaments of the world states must give political-legal appraisal of the Khojali genocide - military crime, committed by the Armenian Republic in the Azerbaijan territories.The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.The parliaments of several world countries made decisions recognizing the Khojaly genocide. The required 100,000 people signed the petition on recognition of Khojaly tragedy posted on White House's official website.
When we look at the world’s map Azerbaijan looks like a little eagle. But it has as great place as the world in the hearts of Azerbaijanis and Azerbaijanlovers.It is our duty to tell the truth about Khojaly everywhere. Last year when I was in France for summer school for teachers, we were 27 in our group and I showed Azerbaijan in the map and toldthem about our culture, history, tradition, and of course about Garabagh.Some of them heard about it for the first time.
Our country has adopted new educational laws. All the subjects integrated one another and the life. Now teachers try to teach children in many ways but the aim is unique-to grow a wise generation. A smart person makes mistakes and while correcting hid before this. But one evaluates the occurrences beforehand, synthesizes them, and creates anew in a life careful not to repeat the mistakes. As a teacher of foreign language I can’t show the photos of whatArmenian savages did.If they see blood and death the little ones will grow as aggressors.Completely different from the Armenians (when an Armenian kid kills a fly he says: “Mother I’ve killed one Turks.”) We want to grow our future generation to be more intelligent, talented,educated, cultured, and knowledgeable ofall the history and geography of Azerbaijan, and to be able to express their knowledge in a foreignlanguage. I think in this way we can take back our occupied territories in a political way.I believe it surely.

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