Azerbaijan Open Championship 2016! -

Azerbaijan Open Championship 2016!

8 dance disciplines, 48 nominations, 188 category and 6000 participants! Yes, ladies and gentlemens, this is Azerbaijan Open Championship!
22 may in Baku Sport Hall will start Azerbaijan dance festival-championship, organized by Azerbaijan Dance Association and Azerbaijan Youth Union.
At this stage of development of our country, this event became a tradition. But this year a tradition amended: Event will begin with a big and bright festival which will pass to championship.
Festival-Championship will have open status, this means that any country can participate. As became known Georgia Dance and Vocal-Instrumental ensembles already are registered.

At the competition will be 8 types of dance: Show Dance, Folklore Stylization, Folklore Ethnic, Bollywood, Belly Dance, Hip-Hop Show, Hip-Hop Battle, Street Dance and the new for Azerbaijan kind of sport- Cheerleading. By age: Baby show, children’s, juniors, adults.
Cheerleading- kind of sport, which combines elements of the show and the spectator sports(Dance, Acrobatic and Gymnastic). We want to remind that at BakuChampionship 2016 Cheerleading was shown by “Jam SS” and “Zirve” teams.

“Winners of various regional and capital tournaments will meet on the main dance event of the year! The purpose of carrying out our tournament to identify the best dancers and team’s not only in Azerbaijan, but also in other countries. We wish to develop in young people the desire to dance. Also, the exchange of experience in the art of dance between two or more countries, I think, is best we do for everyone. Dance and hard work on yourself, because, if you workharder, so more successful you become.” -said Aziz Azizov President of Azerbaijan Dance Association and Vice-Chairman Azerbaijan Youth Union.

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