Protest action held in France against Armenian President`s visit to Paris

Protest action held in France against Armenian President`s visit to Paris

Diaspora organizations of Azerbaijan held a protest action in Paris against Armenian president Serzh Sarkisyan’s visit to France.


The memory of martyrs who died during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Khojaly massacre was commemorated with a minute silence.


The participants spoke of the ethnic cleansing policy perpetrated by Armenians against Azerbaijanis, as well as Khojaly massacre. Participants said that the occupation policy of Armenia is a threat to peace and security in the region, and urged the international community to give a fair assessment of the conflict. Speakers noted that Serzh Sarkisyan - one of the organizers of the Khojaly genocide and active participant in the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, must answer to justice.


During the protest action voiced slogans "Justice for Khojaly” “Khojaly was and will be our", "Freedom for Karabakh”, “Sarkisyan - the criminal, violate the rights of one million Azerbaijani refugees”, “Sarkisyan is murderer!”, “Killer Sarkisyan, your place is court” and others.


President of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan, a member of the French National Assembly Jean-Francois Mansel stressed the necessity of recognition of Khojaly massacre in international arena. He said 20 per cent of Azerbaijan`s territories were occupied by Armenian Armed Forces. The MP said France should play a great role in restoring the peace between the two Caucasian people. “Azerbaijan`s territories must be released. Khojaly genocide was the killing of 613 Azerbaijani civilians, from the town of Khojaly by the Armenian armed forces,” he added.




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