Information for the First- year Undergraduates of UNEC: Admission to SABAH Starts

Information for the First- year Undergraduates of UNEC: Admission to SABAH Starts

Meeting in connection with the admission to SABAH Groups for 2017- 2018 academic year has been held at UNEC.

Vice- rector of UNEC for Students’ Affairs, Assistant Professor SaadatGandilova, Head of Executive Committee of SABAH Groups Shahin Seyidzade and Deputy Head of UNEC’s SABAH Center AgilAzizov took part in the meeting.

S. Gandilova emphasized SABAH Groups as a progressive project of great importance within the meeting held with the first year students. Noting SABAH as a great chance for students, she recommended them to take the maximum of this opportunity.

A. Aziziov delivered the information about UNEC’s SABAH Center. He said 682 students are currently studying in SABAH groups of UNEC. The SABH Group students achieved higher results at the university in accordance with the results of the Winter Exam Session. Students also took part in social projects and events. A. Azizov informed that the admission of the students for the new academic year would be implemented in six majors: Finance, Accounting and Audit, Business Administration, Marketing, Economics and Management.

Afterwards, S.Seyidzade delivered detailed information about the essence of SABAH Groups, admission rules and the teaching process. He said the admission to SABAH Groups is carried in three stages. He noted that the first- year full- time undergraduate students of any higher education institutions of the republic with the average academic indicators above 61can take part in the admission on the required majors. SABAH Groups offers the students the opportunities of additional scholarship, dormitory with free meals three times a day for the students with the registration in the regions, foreign exchange programs, internship in modern organizations and manufactures and a chance of becoming the required candidate for the labor market.

Students who want to study in SABAH Groups should register online at
Students’ questions were answered within the meeting.

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