A Prominent Ophthalmologist- scientist Zarifa Aliyeva’s memory was commemorated at UNEC -

A Prominent Ophthalmologist- scientist Zarifa Aliyeva’s memory was commemorated at UNEC

Event dedicated to the 94th anniversary of a notable ophthalmologist- scientist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva’s birthday has been held at UNEC.
Deputy Chairperson of the State Committee on Family, Woman and Child Problems Sadagat Gahramanova, member of the Parliament Sona Aliyeva, Honored Art Figure, well- known Fashion Designer Fakhriyya Khalafova, Sabail district NAP Women’s Board Tarana Kerimova and a Professor of the ANAS Institute of Orental Studies Rena Mirzezade, UNEC’s academic staff and students attend the event organized by the Women’s Board of the NAP UNEC territorial first party organization.
Vice- rector for Students’ Affairs, Assistant Professor Saadat Gandilova said the renowned ophthalmologist Zarifa Aliyeva’s unforgettable memory is always cared for tenderly scientific and practical conferences and anniversary nights dedicated to her memory are held in this venerable education institution so that they play important role in the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation.
S. Gahramanova said Zarifa khanum Aliyeva is the image of ideal woman and her cherished memory live in our hearts forever as a well- known doctor, innovator, scientists, as well as a loving mother and devoted wife.
Member of Parliament Sona Aliyeva spoke about Zarifa khanum Aliyeva who was the great figure of science in Azerbaijan in the XX century fulfilling her mission with honor, gave a birth to a leader as Ilham Aliyev, the guarantor of Azerbaijan’s achievements.
The well- known Fashion Designer Fakhriyya Khalafova shared her memories about the prominent ophthalmologist. She noted as a person who knows Zarifa Aliyeva and her family personally she can only say positive and good words about. Zarifa khanum was an example for women as a loving mother, devoted and faithful wife. Expressing satisfaction of her visit to UNEC, F.Khalafova noted that it was not the first meeting with the students of the University of Economics. She participates in the projects, exhibitions and competitions held at UNEC regularly.
Bringing to attention the Zarifa Aliyeva made great contributions to the science of ophthalmology in Azerbaijan and the world and that her glorious life is a school of spirituality and perfection for every scientists and every citizen of Azerbaijan today and in the future, Rena Mirzezade spoke about Zarifa khanum’s great contributions made in the preparation of medical staff, scientific personnel in the field of ophthalmology in Azerbaijan as the first woman academician. She stressed that the first professional eye pathology laboratory was established in the country with her efforts and initiative.
A Chairperson of Sabail district NAP Women’s Board, UNEC’s Assistant Professor Tarana Kerimova said that Zarifa khanum Aliyeva was a faithful companion, a loyal friend and a reliable ally to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, the architecht and founder of the independent Azerbaijan who dedicated his life to the progress of the Homeland and people. She stressed that Zarifa Aliyeva who had high qualities became eternal in the memories as an excellent scientists, a caring woman, dignified, intelligent, faithful wife and a wonderful mother.
The elegy “Dear Mother” dedicated to Zarifa khanum by Sevil Aliyeva was sounded within the event. 

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