UNEC will provide Cadres Support to Foreign Trade

UNEC will provide Cadres Support to Foreign Trade

The Next session of UNEC’s Academic Board has taken place.

Director of the Science and Innovation Center, Professor Sakit Yagubov has made a report about UNEC’s academic performance for 2016 academic year. He said UNEC scientists conducted research of theoretical and practical basis of studying world service market within the report period and compared different classification systems of services in foreign trade.

Vice- rector for Students’ Affairs, Assistant Professor Saadat Gandilova delivered the information about the work carried out with the students at UNEC. She spoke about the activities of the student organizations, successful projects held with the initiative of UNEC students and knowledge competitions.
Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov emphasized the significance of increasing efforts in the direction of students’ scientific activities and socializing. To stimulate students he noted that the students distinguished with their scientific performance would be released of the final state attestation. These rules will also be applied to the winners of the competition “I UNEC Science Slam” directed to the popularizing scientific activity. The course works will also be canceled at UNEC from the new academic year.

Drawing to attention the matters come from the Republic meeting of non- oil exporters chaired by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in Yevlakh, it was said to provide support to the targets set forth by the Head of State and to entrepreneurs of export- oriented enterprises in university level the need to create new specialties appeared. To this end, it was emphasized that the decision to open the major of International Trade and Logistics at UNEC was made.

It was also pointed that the “Digital Marketing Center” would operate at UNEC. The Center created to support exporters would prepare periodic reports about the digital marketing market of the country, research foreign market and conduct diagnostics on the offers. At the same time, the decision on establishing the “Exporters Support Center” was made.

Admission to UNEC will be carried out on the basis of the admission exams held by the SEC and International SAT exam.

The Multiculturalism Center will be founded at UNEC. UNEC Professors and students will implement here useful projects in the direction of promoting and studying our national and moral values coming together I the center.

Guidelines on Quality Management System, checking methodological facilities through the anti-plagiarism program, as well as the new structure and charter of the International Cooperation Department were adopted in the Academic Board’s session. The Department was instructed to open UNEC’s offices in the cities of Moscow and Kiev until the end of May. The goal in establishing UNEC offices is to make studying at UNEC more approachable for the children of our compatriots who live in these countries.

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