Scholars of 150 countries gathered at UNEC -

Scholars of 150 countries gathered at UNEC

UNEC hosts a prestigious international conference once again.
Beside Azerbaijan, scientific figures from 150 countries including Turkey, Iran, the US, Austria, Uzbekistan and Pakistan attended the 13th Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Management that is a traditional influential scientific platform of the world in social sciences.
Besides UNEC, organizers of the Conference held within the “Islamic Solidarity Year” are Union of Turkish World Economists, Sabahattin Zaim University of Istanbul, Turkey, Bandirma On Yedi Eylul University and the journal Knowledge, Economy and Management.
UNEC Rector, Professor A.Muradov expressed satisfaction of to host the conference as the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. Emphasizing that the knowledge is a key factor in all fields of the life, Rector brought to attention the efforts done by the most states in building their societies, in modern times, on the basis of “knowledge society” and their economy on “knowledge economy” conception: “It is not accidental that Azerbaijan sees the development of the country’s economy in post- oil period in establishing economy based on knowledge and innovations. The “Strategic Roadmap on the perspectives of the National Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan” until 2025 accepted to this end is characterized as the period of the transition to the knowledge capacity economy and intends the formation of knowledge economy on the basis of the mutual integration of a triangle “education- science- production”.
Rector said universities are not only the organizations to prepare economic cadres, at the same time, they are centers for education- research- innovation where the fundamental investigations are conducted and the solution of technologies, innovations to serve the development of industrial sector are formed. Therefore, the notion of classic university has been replaced by the notions entrepreneurial university or multiversity. Along with playing significant role in the formation of knowledge economy, in modern times, universities make serious positive impact on economic development. They essentially realize this function by developing skilled professionals, creating, application and transition of new knowledge.
Professor of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, a Senior Coordinator of the Conference Ibrahim Guran Yumushak noted the Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Management has been a platform of efficient and sustainable scientific cooperation and investigation among the leading universities of the Turkish World. He drew to attention that organization of the conference held at the prominent universities of Turkey and other countries this time at UNEC that, which is the biggest economy- oriented university of the Southern Caucasus, was a continuation of a tradition.
General Secretary of the Association of Turkish Participation Banks Osman Akyuz has made a speech on “Islamic Economy, Islamic Banking”, a correspondent member of the ANAC, academician Gorkhmaz Imanov on “Assessment Models of the National, Social and Human Capital”, UNEC Professor Alijan Babayev on “Economic Theory and Political Economy in the context of the Evolution of the Industrial SociETY”, a Professor of Istanbul University Veysal Bozkurt on “Changing Culture of Capitalism”.
In the end, the organizers of The 13th Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Management” were awarded certificates for support rendered.
The Conference continued its work in sections. Scientists and young research fellows in all fields of social sciences will conduct scientific research on the topical issues in ten sections, 80 reports will be heard within the two- day conference. Useful scientific investigations obtained will be published in the final book of the conference. 

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