American Professor: I consider my activity at UNEC a very significant stage of my life -

American Professor: I consider my activity at UNEC a very significant stage of my life

A meeting with a well-known economist, scholar, Professor Bulent Aybar who completed his pedagogical activity at UNEC and the academic staff of the university has been held.
Vice-rector for Administrational and Organizational Affairs Shaig Asgerov said that one of the priority directions of the complex activities realized in the preparation of qualified personnel at UNEC is involvement of the reputable and experienced foreign professors and teachers to teaching. UNEC performs teacher and student exchange with many influential universities of the Europe. A number of the teaching staff participating in international exchange programs introduced by UNEC has increased more than 4 times. UNEC’s professors, teachers and administrative staff took part in the exchange of experiences at the universities of the US, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania and Hungary within the “Erasmus+”, “Mevlana” and “Fulbright” Programs. More than 20 professors and teachers from the US, Europe and CIS countries were involved to teaching at UNEC.
Sh.Asgerov drew to attention that the American Professor Bulent Aybar performed a pedagogical activity at UNEC within 4 months: “B.Aybar conducted classes to the students of the International School of Economics within a term. The Professor who made research essentially in FX Risk and FK Risks Management, International Markets, ADR’s and ETF’s, Risk characteristics and multinational corporations has worked in more than 30 universities of the globe. Professor, who has been performing pedagogical activity at the Harvard University and Southern New Hampshire University since 2006, is also member of the prestigious international organizations.
Bulent Aybar expressed proud to include UNEC’s name into the list of the universities he worked for: “I worked with UNEC team within the “Fulbright” Program for 4 months. I consider my performance at UNEC a very significant stage of my life. I obtained new ideas and perspectives at UNEC. I witnessed that my teacher colleagues are professionals and student are talented. Acquaintance with them and exchange of views were very efficient. If I had a chance to teach in UNEC lecture room once more I would have evaluated it positively. Meanwhile, I will keep constant ties with my students and teacher friends via the social networking”.
B.Aybar provided UNEC’s academic staff with the information about the curricula and teaching methods of the prestigious universities he worked. Sharing his experiences with them, the American Professor spoke about teacher and students relations, problems he faced within the pedagogical activity and ways to solve them. He demonstrated examples of teaching techniques to help the students master the material.
Bulent Aybar was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding teaching performance and valuable contribution to 2016-2017 Fall Semester at UNEC in the end of the meeting. 

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