A Conference held at UNEC: Aziz Sanjar: The Life Story of Science Devotee -

A Conference held at UNEC: “Aziz Sanjar: The Life Story of Science Devotee”

A conference on “Aziz Sanjar: The Life Story of Science Devotee” dedicated to the Laureate of Nobel Memorial Prize in Chemistry, Professor of the University of Northern Caroline of the US OF Turkish origin Aziz Sanjar will be held at UNEC on June 12.
A glance to the great scholar’s life and performance will be taken within the conference. Aziz Sanjar will make an extensive speech before the scientific community of Azerbaijan. The presentation of the book on “Aziz Sanjar’s Nobel Biography” translated into Azerbaijani will take place within the Conference.
Aziz Sanjar was born in Savur province of Mardin in 1946. He is the fourth child of eight in the family. He entered the Istanbul Medical University after the completion of the secondary school. Sanjar who graduated from the Medical Faculty in honors, worked a doctor in Savur for two years. Afterwards, he went to the United States of America to continue his studies. He completed Doctoral Studies of the University of Texas in Dallas in Molecular Biology in 1977 and defended his Doctoral Thesis in the Yale University in DNA. He started to serve on biochemistry and biophysics at one of the famous scientific centers of America UNC Chapek Hill, conducted serious scientific research in DNA, cell arrangement, treatment of cancer and biological clock. He has written about 400 scientific articles, 33 books on the field he performs.
He is elected a member of the International Academy of Science of the US, Academy of Art and Science of America and the Turkish Academy of Sciences for successful scientific performances. The Vebhi Koch Foundation rewarded him in 2007. He is one of the three Turkish scholars received the membership of the International Academy of Sciences of America for his investigations made abroad.
He is awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Chemistry for research made in the field of DNA in 2015. Aziz Sanjar is the first Turkish who was awarded the Nobel Prize in science. 

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