Aziz Sancar’s recommendation to UNEC Students: Choose the best teacher for yourself -

Aziz Sancar’s recommendation to UNEC Students: “Choose the best teacher for yourself”

Professor of the University of Northern Carolina, the Nobel Prize Laureate Aziz Sancar met with UNEC students.
Speaking about his way of life, scientific activities, the Nobel Laureate answered the students’ questions. Saying, I had had a chance to possess parent who knew the value of studying and instilled a strong work ethics, A.Sancar added: “Starting from my primary education in Savur to the lyceum in Mardin and Medical Faculty at the University of Istanbul I had a chance to have perfect teachers and first- rate scientific supervisors during my doctoral and post- graduate studies in Texas and New Haven. I recommend you to choose best teachers for yourself’.
The world- famous scholar said: “You are our future; you will heighten the Turkish world to the European and American level. To achieve this you will work hard. Do not forget, the way to success is not short. Success demands hard work. Read much, learn foreign languages and along with these do not forget your own language and identity”.
The scientist presented the book “Aziz Sancar’s Nobel Biography” translated into Azerbaijani at UNEC to the students distinguished with their questions. UNEC students sounded the poetries written by Aziz Sancar’s favorite poet Yunus Emre. Gifts consisting of UNEC students hand works were presented to the scholar.
A.Sancar also met with the teaching staff of UNEC Faculty of Turkish World of Business Administration. The Professor provided the young teaching staff with advice, stressed the significance of the profession teacher. He responded UNEC teachers’ questions. A.Sancar made notes in the memory book of the faculty in the end. 

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