A staff member of Transparency Azerbaijan monitored school graduation exam -

A staff member of Transparency Azerbaijan monitored school graduation exam

Mahammad Muradov, a staff member of Transparency Azerbaijan (TA) monitored graduation exam in grade 9 (incomplete secondary school) in the school No 159, Nesimi district, Baku. During the monitoring, issues related to i) entrance regime, (ii) duties of representative of building allocated for exam, (iii) psychological state of students, (iv) evaluation of satisfaction, (v) monitoring methods were revealed and then 9 recommendations were proposed.

TA representative attended State Examination Commission from 06.30 with the aim to monitor examination process from the very beginning, participated in the information session for exam organizers, observed their takeover of questionnaires and answer sheets, joined them in the way to the school No 159 and continued monitoring till 11.00.

The exams for 604 students were organized in 21 classrooms. Per the observation, students were provided with pedagogical, logistical, infrastructure and human resources related facilities necessary to show their knowledge on the topics. Most importantly, the exams were organized in transparent and just environment.
Nevertheless, we recommend to improve crowd management and identification of students during the graduation exams, enhance sanitary facilities, attend to psychologic state of the teenagers, conduct exit poll to see the level of satisfaction of the examinees, develop monitoring methodology.

It is worthy to note that Transparency Azerbaijan is a member of public council under the State Examination Commission.

The results of the monitoring and recommendations in Azerbaijani are available here: http://transparency.az/alac/files/159_mekteb_monitorinq.docx

For more information on the content of the monitoring please Mahammad Muradov, Project coordinator at tel: 596 20 38 or 497 68 15, or via e-mail: [email protected]


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