The speakers of TEDxUNEC clarified the way leading to success: Knowledge and education -

The speakers of TEDxUNEC clarified the way leading to success: “Knowledge and education”

The first speaker of the conference, dedicated to the topic “Outside the frame” was the founder of the Khazar University and the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, the professsor Hamlet Isakhanli. Professor, speaking on the subject of “The future of the education – the future education” noted that the future of the humanity was in the science.Drawing the attention to the large number of information carriers that compete with the book, H. Isakhanli had clssified the basic knowledge transmitters as the information and the communication tools, family and university. He, had recommended to use maximum all these three tools: “Our future is the continuation of what we do today! The good education means the better future.”


The second speaker of the TEDxUNEC conference, the Secretary of the Union of Azerbaijani Writers, the People’s Writer Chingiz Abdullayev spoke on the topic “The books and the open thinking”. The People’s Writer had put before the auditorium the issue “How should we develop in XXI century?”. Chingiz Abdullayev, drawing the attention to fact that the 30 percent of today’s professions would not be needed in 20-25 years, said that he saw the only way, to meet the requirements of all periods, in books, science and knowledge. The speaker, who considered the reading as the main way for the comprehensive development of the people, also drew the attention to the distraction of girls from education: “The basis of the society constitutes of women. The distracting the girls from the education is a direct strike to the nation and the future!”


The report of the Chief physician of the Central Clinic Hospital, the honored doctor, the doctor of medical sciences Kamran Musayev on the topic the “Desires of the heart of Cardiovascular Surgeon” had caused the great interest of the auditorium. Speaking about his success history the well-known cardiovascular surgeon had provided as the example his perseverance and will in achieving his goals, despite the difficulties experienced by the young man set out from the far-away mountain village after his dreams. He said to the young people that, the place where they were born, the conditions they lived and the education they received were not the important factors for getting the success: “The important factor is believing in your dreams and following them to make them true. Work diligently to reach your goals. Don’t stop, improve constantly. When you have these qualities, the success is inevitable!”


It would be noted that, the UNEC has received the official license from TED for the organization of the conference.

About TEDx: The aim of the intellectual conference TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) which gathered on the one platform the scientists, public figures, business representatives and other professionals around the world for more than 33 years, is to share the unique ideas. The TEDx program provoding the background for the promotion of TED organization in local communities with the motto “Ideas worth spreading” has been promoted since 2009 year all over the world. Until now, in the hundreds of cities and at the univerities have held the independent TEDx events and these initiatives are steadily increasing.


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