Jyrtdan Recreation and Health Centre in Shuvalan is commissioned into operation after reconstruction - (+PHOTO-VIDEO)

“Jyrtdan” Recreation and Health Centre in Shuvalan is commissioned into operation after reconstruction (+PHOTO-VIDEO)

On November 7, inauguration of “Jyrtdan” Republican Child-Youth Recreation and Health Centre, located in Shuvalan settlement, Khazar district of Baku, took place.

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva and Vice-president of the Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attended the opening ceremony.

The building of the centre was constructed in 1986 and functioned as a child summer camp. Reconstruction works were carried out here following the instructions of First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva. Henceforth, this place will function as “Jyrtdan” Republican Child-Youth Recreation and Health Centre.

While becoming familiarized with the centre, Mehriban Aliyeva was given comprehensive information about the reconstruction, repair-restoration and renovation works carried out here.

As a result of the reconstruction works carried out in the camp’s building, built in a style to be interesting for children and juveniles, all conditions have been ensured for children to stay comfortably, and spend their leisure interestingly, efficiently, and funny. This place will carry a very important function for the socialization of children, arranging their leisure, developing their way of thinking, and logic. Basic renovation works have been carried out in the centre’s front yard, the residential complex and the canteen have been completely renewed, and a new aqua park, course, yoga and sports grounds, a running strip, a library, an assembly hall, a summer scene, an entertainment area etc. built. A video surveillance system has been installed for security purpose. Another novelty for children will be the Radio Jyrtdan to function here.

In this place, which functioned as a camp during the Soviet time, a number of children and juveniles used to spend their summer holidays. The camp continued to function after Azerbaijan regained its state independence. Each year, some 1500 children and juveniles spend their holiday here. Low-income families and juveniles with restricted health condition are shown special attention here. The fact that the camp is located near the sea, children have a chance to spend their summer recreation on the beach. 

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