Young vocalist

Young vocalist

Young vocalist Eldar Elshan oglu Tahirov was born in 1998 in Baki. His family consists of 5 people: grandmother Amina khanum who loves Eldar most of all, father Elshan, mother Almaz, sister Firouza. Eldar is the eldest in the family, at the same time the most talented.

Eldar resides in Bilajari with his family. He went to kindergarten # 296 which is also situated in this settlement. He was very active during this period. He took part in nearly all celebrations held in kindergarten. He also took the first prize in the painting competition. He was closely interested in music at the same time. Generally speaking, he showed interest to music from his early childhood. When he was 6 months old, he used to eat to music. If the music stopped, he quited eating too.

Eldar’s parents saw his great interest to music, that’s why they took him to music school. Eldar went to preparatory class of art school # 6 named after Fikrat Amirov in september of 2003. The director of the art school Nariman teacher and other teachers advised him to take vocal classes after listening to him. So Eldar started his vocal classes. His potential raised great interest to his talent. He took part in school celebrations of the art school from the very first class. In his first appearance he performed "Shen Azerbaijan" ("Merry Azerbaijan"), a song by Polad Bulbuloglu.

Eldar went to the first class of secondary school # 284 named after Gamet Abbasov. He was active in school too, so that’s why he was very popular among his classmates and and prefered by his first teacher Sona. He was an excellent pupil in class at the same time. Eldar took the third place in the regional level of competition "The best student of the year" in the third class in 2006.

Eldar doesn’t waste his time in summer. He performed main role in the film "The nice deed of a man" shot by young producer Farid Ahmadov who took part in the festival of republican level of young producers held in summer, in 2004. The film was shot on the basis of "Boastful giant" by english writer Oscar Wilde.

Eldar was seriously busy with his classes in art school. He performed the song "Baki" in the final concert of art school held in the concert hall named after Rashid Behboudov in 2005.

He took part in the contest "The performance of students of musical and art school students accompanied by piano" in 2006, andwas awarded a "Certificate".

Eldar took part in "23 April Children’s Festival" held in Turkey. He earned respect and interest of turkish audience with "Kandimiz", "Bagchamiz", "Baki haqqinda mahni" ("Our village", "Our garden", "Song about Baki") by Tofig Guliyev, "Chirpinirdin, Gara deniz" ("You were waving, The Black Sea") by Uzeir Hajibekov.

In 2008 information about Eldar was given on "Get to know!" rubric of morning programme of Azerbaijan State Television.

The vocal class of art school held a concert programme under the leadership of national artist of Azerbaijan Republic - Teymour Goychayev in the Chamber and Organ music hall on 26 May, 2009. He performed "Sevgi valsi" ("Love waltz") by Tofig Guliyev, "Santa Lucia" by Neopolitan, "Ave Maria" by Farhad Badalbeyli, "O sole mio" by E. Kapnan with great talent. This performance was described in newspaper "Medeniyyet" ("Culture"). Eldar is always grateful to his teacher Sona for his success. She played a great role in Eldar’s successful performance.

Alongside, Eldar has other extraordinary talent. He has attracted everyone with this. He can make amazing figures with plasticine. These figures are usually the heroes of well-known cartoons. The director of art school Nariman teacher was the initiator of introduction of the article "The colour of figures with music" to 8 July 2009 newsflash of "Medeniyyet" ("Culture").

On 28 September, 2009 the concert of talented students of musical and art schools was held under the leadership of national artist Teymour Goychayev in the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic. Eldar was an active participant of the concert. He amazed the audience with his performance as always and won the applause of all.

His most successful performance was in the "International Rastropovich Festival " held in December of 2009. On 14 December, 2009 the final concert was held in the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic. In the concert Eldar shared the stage with the world famous conductor Maxim Vengerev. Eldar performed "Lullaby" composed by Steve Barakat for UNICEF. Everyone rose to applaud him in the hall. The festival ended up with his performance. This performance was widely depicted in "Azerbaijanskie izvestia" on 16 December, 2009.

Eldar performed in the final concert of art school held under the leadership of Teymour Goychayev in the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic on 24 April, 2010. He sang "La Hispaniola" by Ciara, "Ave Maria" by F. Badalbeyli. He won the applause of the audience.

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