A backyard covering four nine-storied buildings in Khatai district is commissioned into residents’ use with participation of Leyla Aliyeva - (+PHOTO)

A backyard covering four nine-storied buildings in Khatai district is commissioned into residents’ use with participation of Leyla Aliyeva (+PHOTO)

Another backyard renovated in the framework of the project “Our Backyard” by IDEA Public Association, aiming to renovate backyards requiring repair, was commissioned into residents’ use.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of IDEA Public Association Leyla Aliyeva attended the event.

Various entertaining programmes were presented to children during the event. A newly built playground, an interesting amusement facility and swings made children very happy. During the event, joined also by animation film characters and animators, children met their favourite characters, and entertained themselves together with them.

Along with celebrating their holiday by entertainments, children sang songs and danced, demonstrating their talents and skills.

The renovated backyard covers four nine-storied buildings at 107, 109, 111, 113, Ilgar Zulfugarov street, Khatai district.

Easy movement of invalids and people with restricted health condition have been taken into account in the renovated backyard, and one mini football pitch, a chess ground, sports facilities, 4 pavilions, and benches were installed in order to create favourable conditions for the development of children of all age groups, and for the youth to spend their leisure efficiently. The primary objective of creating such grounds is to encourage the youth to lead a healthy life, strengthen their health, spend their leisure efficiently, and create in them the reflex of engaging constantly in sports.

Considering the residents’ wishes and interests, new illumination poles were installed, and facades and entrances of the buildings were repaired and commissioned into residents use. Along with restoration of existing greenery in the backyard, 100 additional trees were planted and a green zone created in a three thousand square metre-area.

The backyard commissioned in Khatai district is the twenty fourth one renovated in the framework of the project.

The primary objective of the project “Our Backyard” is to make backyards in Baku ecologically clean and well-organized, restore green areas – the backbone of the city ecology, form a healthy lifestyle, and create safe and comfortable conditions for residents.

The said project is expected to be implemented in all districts of Baku. In this regard, you are kindly asked to present information about backyards in the capital requiring renovation to IDEA Public Association. 

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