Nariman Gasimoglu and Tadeusz Swietochowski... -

Nariman Gasimoglu and Tadeusz Swietochowski...

I first met Tadeusz Swietochowski in New York, 2004. I knew him as a great historian and Caucasologist having done so much in exploring modern history of Azerbaijan. I was happy to see him then in the audience of journalists and scholars attending Open Forum with my presentation on the religious problems ex-Soviet countries with Muslim populations had in the transition period of their history. He asked me a couple questions on the matter discussed. After my presentation was over we met in person. He praised my talk, asked where I stayed, what plans I had and graciously invited me to dinner in one of NYC restaurants for the next day. This was how our friendship began. Our relations developed thanks to Evan Siegel the author of valuable researches on the history of Azerbaijani journalism including “Akinchi”, “Molla Nasreddin”, “Taza Hayat”, who always generously hosts me and my family members in his house while we arrive in NYC.

The photo was taken in our Baku apartment, 2011 when Tad Bey (this is how we commonly called him) visited us with his wife.

He passed away in 2017. Rest in peace, dear Tad Bey. 

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