KOICA Alumni Association’s Knowledge Sharing Seminar - (+FOTO)

KOICA Alumni Association’s Knowledge Sharing Seminar (+FOTO)

 On November 1, 2019, the Korea International Cooperation Agency, the Korea's leading governmental organization specializing in grant aid and KOAZ, the KOICA Alumni Association in Azerbaijan organized Knowledge Sharing Seminar at the Fairmont Baku Hotel.

The Seminar gathered approximately 100notable officials from the relevant ministries and governmental bodies of Azerbaijan who participated at the KOICA Fellowship Program.
With the objective to transfer knowledge acquired in Korea to Azerbaijan, to contribute in the development of Azerbaijan and also to foster the cooperation ties between Azerbaijan and Korea through various activities KOICA Alumni Association in Azerbaijan was created in 2010.
The goal of this year’s Seminar was to share and present the results of two Projects which were winners of the “Share Your CIAT” Program and share fellows’firsthand experiences on Korea as well as, discuss possible opportunities for collaboration on further KOAZ events.

In her opening remarks, Ms. ParkKumokstated: “Korea's dramatic socio-economic development known as 'Miracle on Han River' never came overnight. Certainly, strong and visionary leadership, contribution by foreign counties, and cohesion among its people, were most of the key success factor in Korea's path to prosperity and development. I am confident that Azerbaijan based on its unique culture, history and geography with abundant natural resources, and with our intellectual KOICA Fellows leadership support, will achieve similar miracle in the near future".She also added:“We are proud of that our KOAZ Family is about 800 now. Over the next years, we as KOICA Azerbaijan Office will continue to take lead in building strong bond with Azerbaijan by providing maximum support to Azerbaijani people and the government for sustainable peace and prosperity.”

Ms. VafaYagublu, Director of the Educator's Professional Development Institute of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and KOICA Alumni Association’s President in her speech expressed her gratitude toward the Government of Korea for supporting the education of civil servants in Azerbaijan and noted KOICA Alumni will work together with a commitment to extend and strengthen the bilateral relations between both nations.

At the Seminar Mr. Isa Gasimov, Senior Specialist of the Entrepreneurship Development Foundation, the first winner of the Share Your CIAT Program, highlighted that his “Smart Bridge” Project contribute to the development of intellectual capital and national innovations capability in Azerbaijan by promoting and supporting government-business-university triangle, high level STI and Technology Transfer and Commercialization through holding Training Programs.

And the second winner Project “Promotion of Digital Government” which was proposed by Leading Specialist of the E-Gov Development Center under the SAPSSI, Ms. ShanayGulusoy, emphasized that the project improved digital capacity of ASAN Volunteers through trainings and helped them to ensure consistent and efficient surveys through use of internet enabled tablets which were procured within the framework of the Project.

Ms. LeylaMammadovaChairman of the Board of Directors of the Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC, in her congratulatory speech conveyed her appreciation on behalf of the OJSC to the KOICA and stated that 12 employees of the OJSC participated in training in South Korea and employees got acquainted with the procurement and supply system of Korea, benefited from the lectures by university professors on legislation on food delivery and supply systems, the use of general livestock management systems and etc.She promised to apply what have been learnt from developed procurement and supply system of South Korea to our country in our future activities.”

At the end of the official part of the Seminar, the participants suggested several ideas and initiatives, exchanged their experiences with each other. After the ceremony the KOICA staff, the KOAZ members took memory photos and had dinner together.


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