Servicemen continue to receive the food ration instead of monetary compensation - - VIDEO+PHOTO=5

Servicemen continue to receive the food ration instead of monetary compensation - VIDEO+PHOTO=5

Under the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the military units and institutions of the Ministry of Defense continue activity in the field of further improvement of the social conditions and strengthening the food supply of the Azerbaijan Army’s servicemen and their families.
It should be pointed out that the food supply of the Azerbaijan Army is carried out in accordance with relevant standards approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. Noncommissioned officers and other contingents are given food rations at the expense of the state. In military units, along with high-quality nutrition of military personnel and an increase in the range of ready-made meals, preference is given to the preparation of national dishes.
One of the next steps taken in order to strengthen the social protection of servicemen is the issuance of natural food products instead of monetary compensation to the servicemen of the Azerbaijan Army.
The food ration basket includes a wide range of high-calorie natural food products. This includes beef, chicken, canned meat and fish products, various types of ocean and sea fishes, first-grade wheat flour, various cereals (buckwheat, rice, bulgur), pasta, butter and vegetable oil, natural and condensed milk, cheese, eggs, potatoes, onions, granulated sugar, jam, salt, tea, pepper, prepared mustard, dried herbs, fresh and dried fruits, vinegar, tomato paste, as well as vitamins.
It is worth mentioning that the Central Military Veterinary Laboratory of the Ministry of Defense provides inspection of food products, as well as controls their suitability and compliance with quality standards. 

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