Ilham Aliyev attends opening ceremony of Shah Abbas and Ugurlu Khan caravanserai complexes in Ganja + FOTO=20

Ilham Aliyev attends opening ceremony of Shah Abbas and Ugurlu Khan caravanserai complexes in Ganja + FOTO=20

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva have today attended the opening ceremony of the Shah Abbas and Ugurlu Khan caravanserai complexes in Ganja.

The President and the First Lady were informed about the conditions created at the complex.

It was noted that the development of Ganja as a city is connected with the name of Shah Abbas the Great. The historically formed central part of the city was the market square called "Shah Abbas Square" by the people of Ganja. Due to its unique architectural elements, Ganja's main square has been selected from the market squares in most cities of Azerbaijan. In the 17th century, this square was second only to the market square of Tabriz in size. It is believed that the Shah Abbas caravanserai around the market square was built in 1663-1664 by the plan of the architect Sheikh Bahaddin Mohammad Amili with the funds of Ugurlu khan, the nephew of Murtuza Gulu khan Ziyad oglu, who was the beylerbeyi of Ganja. As it is one of the magnificent buildings of the caravanserai period, Ugurlu khan named it after the great ruler Shah Abbas.

The relatively small caravanserai built at the same time was called "Ugurlu Khan" caravanserai among the population. In the first half of the 19th century, after the Russo-Iranian war, Russian military garrisons were stationed in major cities in the northern part of Azerbaijan, and caravanserais, like all khan's property, were confiscated by Russian troops. For these and other reasons, the monument lost its appearance. According to the relevant instructions of President Ilham Aliyev, the Shah Abbas caravanserai has been thoroughly restored to its former appearance and provided with modern infrastructure, and the surrounding area has been landscaped.


Then, President Ilham Aliyev was presented samples of buses and combines assembled at the Ganja Automobile Plant.

It was reported that in 2019, within the framework of bilateral agreements signed between Ganja Automobile Plant Production Association and Belkommunmash OJSC of Belarus, the enterprise started production of E-321 electric buses and 4 electric buses have been assembled so far. This public transport is very profitable in terms of both environmental and fuel economy. The buses are equipped with air conditioning, as well as an information monitor and video surveillance system.

It was noted that the assembly of new modern combines has begun at the Ganja Automobile Plant. The project is being implemented on the basis of a cooperation agreement with the well-known Finnish company Sampo. According to experts, this technique will be of interest to farmers in Azerbaijan.

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